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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

currently | 06

listening to "dinosaur train" on the tv

wearing slippers on my feet

drinking water, ice cold from the fridge

thinking about pulling out the record player to share a song with the kids

wishing I could shake this cough and sleep through the night

reading A Field Guide to Now (kindle edition)

eating  just finished a chocolate eclair

wondering which things I'll let go of this Christmas season
enjoying the air conditioner blowing straight over my desk
feeling worn out, ready for a break

wanting to bake, but not feeling the energy

weather a heatwave is predicted for this week, as are more storms. Weather is weird.
and a pictureour annual santa hat photo shoot



  1. I am guzzling ice water from the fridge as well, it is so humid!

  2. Oh, half a world away it's blistering cold with freezing fog. No air-conditioning here. That photo is fab - their thoughts all appear to be somewhere else.


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