Monday 31 October 2016

Hello Monday

hello new routine So, Steve got the job he interviewed for last week. And he starts today. It's still transport, but in the retail industry, so we don't really know much about the hours, except that he starts at 9am. Which is almost 4 hours later than any other job he's ever had. He'll actually see the kids off to school, and have plenty of time to eat breakfast!

hello bike riding Steve has recently started seeing a dietician and physiotherapist, as part of a requirement for taking some new blood pressure medications. He's determined to make some changes, and is all gung-ho about following the information exactly. I, on the other hand, have always believed in moderation in all things, and full-fat-everything. But while we were talking about the things the physiotherapist has him doing, we decided that we should pull out our bikes, and both of us start riding them again. So once he's done his thirty minutes walking, he rides two laps around the block. And once I've walked Daisy in the morning, I ride one lap. It takes less than a minute, but I think it's a better workout than walking!

hello blog class It's no secret that I'm a bit of an un-finisher. And that if someone I respect is selling, I'm going to buy. But money has been tight, so it's been awhile since I've done any classes. I've been following Kirsten from Sweet Tea LLC for over a year now, after spotting her graphics on pinterest, and liking what I read. Her facebook group is active, she has a podcast, and her free webinars are amazing value (and I can participate live, because 8pm her time translates to 9am my time!) So when she announced her new class #FinishBigStartStrong a couple of weeks ago, I knew I needed to do it. After a bit of back and forth with Steve, we figured out how to make it work with our even-tighter budget, and I signed up. Class starts some time today (figuring out time zones is really confusing) and I'm almost certain I'll write some more about it over the coming weeks and months.

hello Christmas Only 55 sleeps! All my plans for a Christmas series went out the window when our lives were turned upside with Steve losing his job, but I need to get back on track and get myself organised. 

hello camping We finally got our camper trailer back ten days ago, after being quoted four weeks back in August to do the new canvas replacement. We've got proper Australian-weather-proof canvas on our English-design camper, and once we know how Steve's roster will work, we're planning a weekend away!

hello blog link up You might have noticed that earlier this year, Toni and I hosted a weekly blog link up. It sort of fizzled when we both had stuff going on in our lives, but we're launching again this week. This Parenting Life is moving to Friday mornings (6am AEST) and will stay open until Sunday nights. You're welcome to link up any recipes, parenting tips, family activities or life stories.

hello Monday, a new start every week.



  1. Congrats to Steve on getting the job. It must be such a relief. I took ages to find something after my seachange and it's only a contract gig, so I'll need to start worrying about that again soon!

  2. oooh, I'm not sure how much I do on 'parenting life' but I'll try to remember to link up when I do...

  3. Oh gosh is it really only 55 days to Christmas. I can't cope with that info. Hubby is going to sea for most of December. Only home over Christmas and then back out for most of the school holidays. I was really hoping for a family holiday this year.

  4. Hello blog class! Love that.
    I think I need me a bit of "hello bike riding" too

  5. So happy for you that Steve got the new job! Sounds like things are looking up at your place. Thank you for sharing on Life This Week on my blog. Looks like Fridays will be less lonely now you and Toni are back. Good one, now that FYBF has gone into indefinite break mode.

  6. I cannot believe Christmas is so close! Good luck with the re-booted Linky :)

  7. New job, yay! My partner starts a new job with new hours next week too. Changes! I'm a big believer in moderation and full fat as well, always have been. It's always worked well for everyone in my family. I like the name of the course you're doing... I'll have to check it out. Word of mouth is always the best recommendation.

  8. The new job news is pretty fantastic and the (relatively) late start as well! I hope you get a lot out of that course. I'd be interested to hear more about it.

  9. The new job sounds great! And link ups are hard work - it's good that you took a break when you both needed to.

  10. I hope everything goes well with Steve's new job, the hours sound much better.
    I don't know about bike riding, but I know I need to do something! The winter spare tyre is starting to beat me!

  11. Delighted to hear that things are looking up for you all - the exercise sounds very beneficial. I might go off and have a peep at that class.


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