Tuesday, 2 June 2020

A playlist for right now

We joined Spotify's family plan about a year ago.

I'd had an account for a couple of years prior, but never turned it on, mostly preferring to dive into my iTunes lists of old and new music.

I've always loved randomly checking out Top 50 lists, and purchasing from those lists. I've ended up with a mix of perfect tunes, and absolute duds that I never listened to again.

But Spotify has changed how we do music around here.

I've discovered new tunes, thanks to other people's playlists. And noticed that my teenagers love similar music to me (and also wildly different tunes)

Quickly hooking up my phone to the speaker means our mornings can have music, and popping in headphones lets me play tunes (and sing out loud) while cleaning the kitchen or preparing dinner each night.

These songs are my favourite right now, when I hear them in my ears I want to jump up and dance and sing, although the teens are right on the edge of hating them 😂

What are your favourite songs right now?


Monday, 1 June 2020

Hello June

Saying hello to the new month ahead

blue background with purple text, hello June

hello cooler weather

Queensland loves putting on an unexpected weather show. But June is the time of year where the skies are clear and blue, and the cold winds from down south flow through our skies, bringing the temperatures right down. Perfect jeans and boots weather, with the sun shining!

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Reflections from the last 8 weeks

The kids are safely back at school, and mums all across Australia are breathing in the quiet.

When my friends start waxing poetic on the things they have done to fill their time since Easter, I'm reminded that some people think I'm a little crazy.

Saturday, 9 May 2020

On my mind right now

This post is on my mind right now.

I've been mentally writing it out for the last couple of days, after inspiration struck in the shower. At 3.50pm Saturday afternoon, I'm finally getting it out of my head, onto the keyboard.

Monday, 20 April 2020

How to create a routine when everything is uncertain

Inside - when everyone is home, how does anything get done? With a routine!

It's day 1 of learning@home in Queensland, and the world is falling apart parents are quietly losing their minds right now.

From the online learning platform crashing (no one's fault) to kids who don't want to be working at home (sorry neighbour friend) this week is going to be about ironing out the bumps, finding a new routine, and keeping one foot in front of the other.

Friday, 17 April 2020

10 tips for learning at home without losing your mind

Disclaimer - These are my tips, gleaned from years of trying to overcome my own frustration from school holiday boredom. They are in no way endorsed or shared by Queensland Department of Education, or any teacher I work with.

Tips for learning at home, without losing your mind.

It feels like the world is a little bat shit crazy right now.

I have never wanted to leave my house more than I do right now, because I can't.

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Hello April

Hello Mondays is about sharing the thoughts and goals for the week ahead. Hello month is a sometimes approach to setting intentions to guide the month ahead.

Hello, new normal. 

COVID-19 has flipped the entire world upside down. We're all feeling the strangeness of these times, no matter where we are in the world. And we're all doing the best we can to make it through. Scary to think that just a few short weeks ago, life looked completely different. Interesting to watch how we unfold from this, and the lessons we will learn.

Hello, learning from home. 

Over the last couple of weeks, as schools across Australia closed before the holidays to allow teachers time to prep for term 2, the internet went into meltdown over "home schooling" But we are not home schooling our children if they're still enrolled in school, we are learning at home. And right now, it's end of term/school holidays.

Hello blogging. 

April feels like the perfect opportunity to jump start some writing. I might fall down in a big heap and fail, but I'm going to give it a red hot go while I have nothing else competing for my time.

Hello kids in the kitchen. 

With snacks and treats still short on the shelves, it's time to get the kids doing some baking. It usually ends up with arguments over whose turn it is, so I might have to create a roster and menu plan so everyone gets a turn each week at doing something. I feel I might regret this decision, though.

Hello journalling. 

I have wanted to start a journalling practice for years, but haven't made it a priority until this year. Every Sunday, as I'm setting up my bullet journal for the following week, I answer 3 simple questions about the week before. This helps me summarise the good and the challenges, and focus on what can be different the following week.

Hello decluttering. 

I listened to Decluttering at the Speed of Life last month on audiobooks. My brain exploded at the container concept, and I'm itching to get stuck into some decluttering around the house. I think we might actually get rid of a lot of stuff following this idea!

Hello April, a challenging month ahead for everyone.


Monday, 17 February 2020

Hello Monday

hello Monday is a semi-regular series, sharing goals and plans for the week ahead in the hope of embracing the coming week, not moving through with fear or trepidation.

hello hot weather

After 2 weeks of rain (which we so badly needed), the hot weather has returned as autumn is knocking on our doors. Fortunately, the real killer, humidity, has worn out her welcome as all the rain dries up. Hopefully, the weather patterns are changing, and we'll see more rain this year than the last couple of years.


hello blog writing challenge

Kylie from Kidgredients issued the challenge in a Facebook group last week to write every day for 30 days. My immediate answer was yes, but then as my brain let it sink in I was all squirmy and fighting to run away.
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