Wednesday, 4 September 2019

5 reasons you don't write even when you want to

I woke with a start, and turned towards the clock on the other side of the bed.


The rolling gentle snoring started, and my brain went into overdrive, wide awake now the noise was ramping up from the other side of the bed.

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

3 tips for eradicating the pesky mean girl in your head

Inside - If you've got a constant mean-girl voice in your head, gaslighting your every attempt to be better, then these tips will help you learn to notice her, and overcome. This article previously appeared in my newsletter.

When I upgraded my computer at the start of the month, I also moved my office from the lounge room, where I've been tucked into a corner for 12 years, to my craft room, which used to be Chloe's bedroom. I'm straddling two work spaces, with piles of stuff everywhere, including my desk, which is making it impossible to get any work done.

Today, when I got home from school banking, I was all ready to get stuck into my to-do list. I'd worked out a clear Monday path over the weekend, and I knew I needed to get stuck in because I've got book week costumes to do after school.

But one look at my desk, and I knew I had to take some time to tidy up. Which meant sorting piles of papers on the shelves so I had a place to get this stuff off my desk.

As I sorted through these piles, I heard a little voice whispering in my ear "why didn't you finish that class?"

"What are you going to do with those notes?"

"what a waste of paper printing all that stuff out was."

"God, don't you ever finish anything?"

Do you hear that voice sometimes?

Mean-Cate is a bitch. She has got gaslighting down to a fine art!

But real-Cate has been working hard over the last few months to not let that voice overwhelm her.

Maybe these tips can help you next time your mean-girl voice gets in your ear.

1 - reflect on how far you've come.

Some of the papers I found are from 2007. I looked at them briefly, and made a quick decision about what to do with them (most ended in the recycling.)

If your mean-girl voice is berating you for something you didn't do, reflect on how things have changed in your life since that time. Does the thing still interest you? Will you take action on the thing moving forward? Get rid of it if it doesn't serve you any more, without guilt!

2 - sit with your feelings.

One of the greatest lessons I have learnt this year is to be aware of my feelings, but not let them overwhelm me.

That can be difficult sometimes, especially if the emotion that is coming up is anger, but walking away and allowing the feeling to exist without it exploding on everyone else (or overwhelming me into inertia) is a sign that you're starting to pay attention to the feelings.

3 - take the next step.

Now you've looked back on how far you've come, you've felt the feelings, it's time to move forward.

Release the emotion, have a dance party, sing, and go back to the task you were working on and take the next step.

And that's it. That's how I'm not letting Mean-Cate overwhelm me.
How do you overcome the mean-girl voice inside?


Monday, 5 August 2019

Hello Monday

 inside - hello Monday is part goal setting, part accountability, all story-of-right-now.

hello new computer. After months of struggling with my 8 year old computer, it was finally crunch time to retire it. But it means getting used to a new keyboard (so many location changes!), moving all my files from the old computer (so many photos!), and deciding if I can live with Windows 10 (insert eye roll here!)

Friday, 26 July 2019

10 amazing recipes to use lemon curd

The dough was ready to roll into balls.

The oven was hot and waiting for the baking trays.

All that was left was finding the lemon curd in the cupboard, and we'd soon be munching on lemon curd jam drops for afternoon tea.

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

How to support a friend through a breakup

Inside - 5 tips for supporting friends through marriage breakup

Marriages don't always last, even when they're built on solid years of togetherness. It's just a fact.

Being a supportive friend can bring great comfort in times of stress, but providing that support in a way that doesn't damage our own mental wellbeing is crucial. By being aware of these points, you can both come out the other side of a marriage breakup well supported.

Monday, 15 July 2019

Hello Monday

Hello Monday. A place to share the things happening this week. 

hello cold weather. Last week it felt like winter had disappeared and spring was on her way again, but today the temperatures have dived, thanks to a chilly wind coming from the south. The perfect excuse for turning the heater on and not moving very far from the couch.

Monday, 3 June 2019

Hello Monday

Inside - hello Monday is a semi-regular welcome to the week ahead, by embracing the challenges head on, I hope to become more aware of them and work towards change. 

hello June! Ah, the cooler winter months are finally upon us in Queensland. The heater is dusted off, the dog jackets are ready for sewing, and the cough medicine is handy because we're all sick again.

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Write Every Day in May

As I sat down last week to write my newsletter, after a couple of weeks off, I realised that I had again stopped making writing a priority.

Although my excuses to myself were always "I'm busy" or "I'm tired", it really came down to "it's not a priority"
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