Monday 4 January 2021

So Colourful - a bullet journal update

To get back into the habit of photo taking and writing, I'm challenging myself this month to use the Fat Mum Slim January 2021 prompts to inspire me.


A new year means a crisp new notebook to write in.

When I looked back on this post, I realised that my bullet journal setup has changed over time, so today I'm sharing my current journal.

I still love to use scrapbook papers throughout my journal.

In fact, these days, I often buy papers solely to use in an upcoming journal.

My bullet journal starts with a future log.

This year, I've changed to a monthly view of the future log, as I found the list style I had been using filled up quickly and I would lose track of things. I'm hoping that this style will make it easier to not double book myself.

Every January I like to include the Modern Mrs Darcy Reading Challenge in my journal. It takes me some time to think about what I'd like to read over the year (and until this year, I've never prioritised actually reading the books) so having these pages at the front means I see them regularly until I sit down and fill them out.

Next up, a bunch of collections - books to be read, books I've read, movies watched, TV series watched. A few years ago I found that I was watching TV series more than movies, so when another blogger suggested a movie watching challenge to keep a record, I jumped on the idea, and still do it now. Some months I might only watch one, but others (especially Christmastime) I watch one every day!

I still use a sheet of scrapbooking paper to divide the months, and then insert my monthly calendar. This is the thing I reference almost daily but absolutely every Sunday as part of my reset routine.

My weekly pages have changed slightly - each week now has two bars. I found when I started working, I needed to write down things that were happening next week that I didn't want to forget about this week. This is what has worked best for that.

I start a new journal every quarter, because that allows me to stick as many pages in or take as many notes as I need. Some months and quarters my journal is bursting, and others there's little of note.

How do you keep track of yourself?



  1. Thanks for the peek inside your bullet journal. I'm still hoping to restart mine properly this year.

  2. Interesting to see how you organise your journal, good idea to have those two columns for the current week with the reminder about things that need to be done in the next week.

  3. That's a very pretty journal, and I'm always interested in how others sue theirs - great to read you've found a way of adapting what you did last year to help more this year. Wishing you every success!


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