Monday 4 October 2021

Hello Monday October 4

Hello Monday is a semi-regular series where I share my goals and thoughts for the week ahead and embrace the goodness of a new week.

hello last term of 2021

This year has been hard for everyone in so many ways. While we've been very lucky in Queensland to move quickly through lockdowns, the unknown and the fear of the unknown has invaded every action with sticky tendrils of doubt.

While I've been very focused on my small area, the tiny seeds of concern for family and friends in other areas is constantly in the back of my mind. As more and more people become vaccinated across Australia (and the world), here's hoping that 2022 is more about finding our new normal place in the world. 

hello Christmas

It's just 82 days to Christmas!

I know, I can hear some of you shaking your heads and muttering "not now Cate, it's too soon!"

This year is going to be a quiet one for us - no visit from family, either interstate or the same state, and we've finally got teenagers big enough to spread their wings and not be around all day! So it's the perfect year to explore what some new traditions might look like for us.

hello planning

I've worked hard over the last couple of years to wrap my head around planning - goals, getting it all done, not dropping the ball on things, understanding how I like to do it.

What works for me is working in school term blocks (because that's how my volunteer roles work), writing everything down (yay, bullet journal!) and batching (for example - setting aside an afternoon for admin tasks, rather than an hour here or there.)

With just 89 days left of 2021, it's time to start planning for Christmas and beyond.

hello writing

The simple act of opening this post editor and brushing fingers across the keyboard has reminded me just how much I love writing! Here's hoping there's more in my future!

hello Monday

Monday brings a new start every week. What are you saying hello to today?

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  1. Well, look who's back blogging again! Great to see your name come up on my list of new blog posts.
    Of course it isn't too early to think about Christmas - and it is interesting to see that you are already trying to plan what new traditions to try as the kids get older. I'm just hoping we get a Christmas this year - last year the week before it we were put in local lockdown and no one was going anywhere! So disappointing. At least we all stayed well which is the most important thing.
    Great to see you back Cate!


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