Tuesday 13 June 2017

IKEA shopping for camping

Inside - Find out the 11 things on my wish list for our next camping trip

Like most people, I enjoy a good trip to wander around IKEA, but generally it's not Steve's favourite pastime. To avoid any discussions over purchases I find it easiest to have a plan for the purchases, rather than just "I love these, they're so cute" (although I'd be lying if I said that still didn't happen.)

We're trying to plan a camping trip for that unidentified point in the future when Steve has days off, and knowing that we need to update some of our camping items, I thought why not join camping and IKEA in the same trip!

Bolmen step stool. We actually have this stool already, it gives Sophie just that little extra height to reach door knobs. We have a trailer camper that needs lots of hands to set up, and someone just a little bit taller than Steve, so we have an old foldable step stool that has seen better days.
Haren bath towel. We also bought one of these towels on our last trip to try them out, and decided that they would be perfect to have as spares in our camping gear.
Kalas mug. What family in Australia (indeed, around the world) doesn't have a set of these cups (or plates or bowls)? On our last camping trip, I stuck some in our gear, and we used them for the whole trip. Now we need a set that permanently lives in our gear.
Klamtare boxes. We like to store our gear in plastic boxes at home, so we can just pack the boxes up next time we want to go out. We're still using the boxes we bought when we first started camping, but they're getting a bit old. These boxes are way cheaper than the old ones, and with two depths to choose from, we can mix and match.
Liksidig napkin holder. We use a lot of paper towel to wipe surfaces when we're camping, but having a nice napkin holder would make it easier to keep napkins from flying away, and the kids could help themselves much easier.
Skanka pot. I'm lucky enough to have a kitchen set up on the trailer, with an actual sink, stove top and grill, so camp food is quite often home food. At the moment, I just take pots from home, but with limited storage space in the trailer, pots that stack inside each other and have multiple functions are high on my list.
Skubb shoe organiser. We've all seen those posts on pinterest with camp gear sorted into shoe organisers. I'm not entirely sure it would work for us, but I'd sure like to pick up an organiser and give it a try.
Spridd duffel bag. Everyone here is responsible for packing their own clothes for our weekends away. We usually use reusable bags from the supermarket, but they seem to need replacing after every trip, so I'm on the hunt for bags that can be popped straight back into storage tubs and packed away with the gear after each trip. And it helps if the designs are different for each person.
Stoppen LED tea light. Little kids don't always like the dark, but having too much light can disturb other campers, so small lights are the best of both worlds.
Torkis basket. Buckets of water are one of the biggest draw cards to camping for small kids, having a big buckets means there's plenty of room for big kids to pretend they're small again.
Kvot dish drainer. The actual reason we've gone to IKEA the last 3 times. With space at a premium, having a folding dish rack is a must.

Do you camp? What do you buy at IKEA?

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  1. Never would I have thought of shopping at Ikea for camping goods, what a great suggestion!

  2. Great ideas! I've seen online in the kids section they have a reflective harness, reflective clips and reflective snap bands. I feel these may be great if kids insist on running around at dusk

  3. Ooh those duffel bags are pretty funky! I don't end up buying much when I go to Ikea, actually. I did buy a new roasting pan when I was last there but I don't like it and want a different one. It's too heavy and has no handles so even though it's not large, it's quite challenging to lift safely out of the oven.

  4. Great ideas Cate. You want things that are sturdy enough to camp but not too good that you don't care if it gets ruined.

  5. The shoe organiser is genius. Thank you!

  6. I really didn't need another reason to go to IKEA but I love these ideas Cate!

  7. So many great ideas here! Those duffle bags are a fab option

  8. I tend to buy lots of our camping gear from Aldi. Genius ideas right here and will have to consider IKEA alongslide BCF and Aldi!

  9. I can't say I'm much of a camper, but I do love IKEA. Haha yes I think most families would have a set of those plastic cups at home in the cupboard if they live anywhere near an IKEA store, love them! #teamIBOT

  10. I have a complete list in my IKEA app for travelling, a couple of tips to add: a bag of istad bags. Always convenient for storage of left overs, Bread to take with you, wet/dry clothes etc. My closable knalla-bags for our laundry. The rensare waterproof bag for your phone when hiking or canoeing, they also have other great stuff from this line. The Kalas and cups are also very convenient, although a bit small for dinner.


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