Wednesday 12 June 2013

#baby5 | 37 weeks | are you ready?

discovered cat hair on the cover
I have the capsule out of storage

and a packet of nappies, ready to go

All the clothes are clean and stacked in the drawers

I've even cleared space for the change mat

The sling is ready to go

and we've got a rocker or two (we were given one, and might still have our old one in storage)

The baby bath needs a scrub

but there's a nice new towel and soap ready for the first bath

I'd say we're ready for the next part of this adventure


  1. So exciting. It sure sounds like you are ready.

  2. See you are ready how splendid.
    Let you in on a secret I've been giving baby stuff away. No change table here, baby bath, bassinet (although we have a cot), clothes.

    I probably should consider in the next few weeks getting all my newborn cloth nappies out to be cleaned from being storage for two years.

  3. Im almost 34 weeks and still havent packed my hospital bag or washed any of her clothes. Best get onto it next week just incase. I was born at 34 weeks and my niece at 33 so youd think id be more prepared by now.

  4. I can't imagine how you manage to blog and look after your family and still get ready for no 5 so efficiently especially when you are short of sleep and not feeling well - you have my great admiration! Thinking of you and wishing for an easy time for you and lots of 'wellness' to come.

  5. Only one thing missing now - the baby!
    Hope all goes smoothly and looking forward to the blog post that announces her arrival!

  6. Definitely sounds like you are ready!

  7. You are SO ready...come on baby!
    Alison xx


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