Monday 26 September 2016

Hello Monday

hello school holidays We're halfway through the holidays, and while the weekends have kicked my butt because Steve has been at work, during the week the kids have kept relatively busy and well-behaved.

hello job uncertainty There's a process to follow when a company is put into administration (which is one step below what I experienced when my parents business was put into receivership in the early 90s - under administration the business keeps operating, receivership means the business closes it's doors instantly), and we're almost at the end of it. The uncertainty hasn't been alleviated by following the process, because the administrator is following policy by responding to every question with "we're still operating in the hopes of selling the business as an ongoing concern" but the report into what's happened since the purchase of the business 18 months ago was illuminating.

hello fish You might have seen on instagram that Douglas is now the proud owner of fish. It's kind of spurred Steve and I on to finding a place for the huge tank we've had stored for over a year now, because we've been talking about keeping fish since we bought this house.

hello writing I have been making so many excuses lately for not-writing. And while some of it has been relevant and exhausting (Steve's chatterbox tendencies on his days off make it very hard to find the quiet in my head), a lot of it has just been inertia. Or being hyper-critical of my words. And that needs to stop, because there are so many words inside my head, looking to escape!

hello photos I haven't picked up my big camera for weeks now. And while I'm still a happy snapper, just pressing the button instead of using the camera to it's full potential, I much prefer the quality of the printed images from the Olympus than my iphone.

hello Monday, a new start every week



  1. I can completely relate to the 'words inside your head' thing. I've kept to pretty prosaic posts of late but want to change that.

    Sorry to hear of the job uncertainty, I hope all resolves itself.

  2. That's a lot of new beginnings, which can be nice. But the job/business uncertainty sounds awful. I hope it resolves itself quickly

  3. Lots of little things going well but the uncertainty of the work situation will be the predominant mood I guess until sorted. I think you do whatever you can so well for your family. Take care..and maybe pick up the big camera for some respite behind the lens. Thanks for linking up today. I appreciate it.

  4. New week new opportunities! Hopefully everything works out well for you this week!

  5. Lots going on in the school holidays here too!

  6. I am having the same problems with writing and getting things out.
    Our holidays start on Friday. Will be nice to sleep in a bit.

  7. That's a lot of stuff happening. Yes I have been following the fish excitement on instagram. Every week is new start!

    Thanks for linking up to #MummyMondays


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