Monday 13 June 2016

Hello Monday

hello Daisy If you follow my facebook page, you've probably heard that we got a dog. It was all rather unplanned - Steve sent me a text message while I was out on Saturday morning, saying he was going to look at a dog, I said ok, not thinking he would make any decision without a discussion, and later that day he went to look at her, and brought her home. She's from a broken home, and has lost her sister-companion, and is way more active than this house is used to, but after the initial night of pacing, she slept all night last night, and will miss the kids while they're at school today.

hello dog training As you'd expect, our house is full of dog - from chewing on stuffed toys, to running all day with the kids, Daisy is everywhere at the moment. [She's probably going to have a name change - our neighbour has a Maisy dog, and Sophie is very confused.] But she needs some training, she doesn't even come when called, let alone follow any basic commands.

hello sewing After craft retreat last week, I planned to finish my quilting and binding on Tuesday. I started, and then ran out of thread, so raced off to purchase more when I picked Sophie up from daycare. But I somehow managed to pick up midnight blue instead of black, and while I used the blue in my bobbin for sewing the blocks together, it just wouldn't work for the quilting. But I haven't made it back to the shops yet.

hello craft room rearranging After 9 years in this house, with nothing ever being rearranged, because the house is so odd that there's really only one way for everything to go, I'm thinking about moving my personal computer out of the lounge room and into the craft room. My thinking is that it would give me the quiet that I crave to actually write, but I'm not sure if the reality would be the same. It's still something I'm pondering on, but to make it work I need to start with tidying the craft room and moving some furniture.

hello Monday, a new start every week.

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  1. I want to move to a three bedroom house just so I can have my own study! I think you won't know if it works for you until you try it.

  2. Hello Monday!
    I wish I had a quiet place for my computer ...

  3. Daisy is gorgeous! Such a sweetie. There's definitely something to be said for having your computer somewhere a little more private. It does make getting time to use it a little more difficult though.

  4. How cute is she, I bet she's a very welcome member of the family, congrats on your new arrival.

  5. Good luck with the training. I've heard before, new owner, new name to help with knowing who is the boss. Not sure about the truth in that though. I wish we had more space but I am pretty sure I would still want to use the computer or do whatever I am doing in the living area so I am still part of everything happening.

  6. We just spent the long weekend painting and re-sorting our study so it's a more productive place for me to work during the day and for Nathan to use after work. So I feel for your upcoming clean out of your craft room - why do we always have so much stuff????

  7. How exciting for the kids, a new family member. We rearranged some of our furniture a couple of weeks ago, I was hesitant (I don't like change) but it worked out and it actually works better. Good luck with the move, I hope you get more time to write :)

  8. You're very kind taking on a fully grown dog. I hope she brings you and your family much joy. Treats are a good way to train her to what ever name you choose.


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