Thursday 15 June 2017

How to figure out if the expert is right for you

Inside - Tips for choosing an expert that you'll get your money's worth from.

Experts are a dime a dozen. Gone are the days of experts being the people with university degrees and years of work experience under their belts. Now, they're generally the people who had an idea, failed, and got up and tried again and again and again. So how do you figure out who to hand your hard earned dollars over to (or even who to listen to)? With these tips, you'll be assessing everyone with a better eye, instead of falling for the hype.


1 - they interact with people. 

Whether it's through facebook groups, or the comments section of their blog, do they take the time to be a part of the discussion around their words? Some of the loudest experts we see in our newsfeed grew that way because they stopped consuming other people's content, but some stopped talking to people too. If they don't have time to talk to you for free, they probably won't talk to you when you pay for their thing. Is that the sort of course you want to be taking?

2 - the free information is actionable immediately. 

I've seen free webinars that are five minutes of information you could have found on google or pinterest and 45 minutes of hard sell about the class the expert is launching. And I've seen webinars where I took ten pages of notes (complete with example steps) and 2 hours later the expert said "you're asking so many great questions, I think we need to do this again next week" before they remember to tell you about their course launch. Guess who's class I bought? Being able to take something usable straight away is more likely to show an audience that the expert knows their stuff and can show you more.

3 - they care about their message, and that you understand.

Tying in with the first point, experts show they care about your understanding of their message. They take the time to explain things when the 3000 word posts that they spent a week crafting still doesn't explain it for you. They respond to emails in a timely manner, and take the time to answer questions during webinars, not just at the end. And they say thank you for supporting them, regularly.

4 - they don't sell hard. 

Sure, they have a sales funnel that you slip into when you sign up for the free webinar, but the right expert doesn't have to sell to you. You already read all their blog posts, follow their socials, hand over your email address for every freebie they make. They know they don't need to sell hard, even to the newbies on the list, because their list is filled with raving fans already.

5 - it doesn't stop once you buy. 

In some instances, once the hype of a launch is over, the expert disappears, too! It leaves you wondering how you got sucked in, and how you can get your money back. But for the best experts are still there, by your side, answering questions, creating videos, sharing their knowledge. [And for the experts listed below, even the free stuff gets this level of attention!]

6 - they stick with what they know

In the digital world, people are always learning. My bullet journal is filled with notes from random ideas I've struck upon searching for something else, but I haven't called myself an expert in those areas. The best experts stick to the stuff they know, and keep the things they're learning about to themselves. That doesn't mean to say they don't share that stuff later, but they have runs on the board first.

7 - they're not that far ahead of you on the journey. 

This has been the biggest eye opening point for me. I heard this quote in a blog post from The Art of Simple, and it resonated so much! Sometimes, if people are further ahead of you in the journey to success, whatever that may be, it can be hard to relate to them and turn their methods into success for you. The right expert is only a step or two ahead of you in their journey, and are teaching you how to take those steps to get to their current level, while pushing themselves forward, too.

Which experts do I love?

There's this saying that I love that goes something like when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I've always believed this of my own learning style, not just in blogging but in all areas of my life. There's a reason so many people say niched blogs work better, because people want to learn from someone who knows everything about their topic, and can answer any question thrown at them. I consider the following people to be the experts I love.

* This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to use them, I earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you.

For tips to grow your email list in a unique way, check out Terra from Uncork your Dork. Last year Terra nailed growing her email list with free challenges, and has pivoted her whole blog to focus on teaching people how to run them successfully, and how to make money while doing it.

For tips on making money, Melanie Miller from The Profit Lovers. I'll confess, I've been on the Profit Lovers email list for a long time, but never done more than quickly read and rushed on to the next thing. But recently, I randomly signed up to a free webinar, and watched it, and was blown away! The Create Your First Course course is on my wish list! [And she agreed with me, people want to learn from someone not too far ahead of them.]

For tips on building a sales funnel that sells, Shell Higgs from The Funnelry. * Now, I'll be honest, I've known Shell for a long time, but I only discovered a couple of weeks ago that this was her new project, and I'm in love with it. She gets straight to the heart of sales funnels with no BS [but there's a few swears involved.]

For video marketing tips, Niamh Arthur of Light It Up! Video Marketing * has changed my world. Connection marketing is the new buzz word in the digital world, and Niamh has struck it out of the ball park. I'm still new to using video online, but Niamh has made it so easy to be comfortable and relaxed, and able to create videos. She's built a supportive facebook group, and the material in the program is easy to apply straight away. [Considering that six months ago I wouldn't even watch videos, this is huge for me.]

What's your best tip for choosing an expert?
Have you got a favourite?

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