Sunday 3 January 2021

A Car

To get back into the habit of photo taking and writing, I'm challenging myself this month to use the Fat Mum Slim January 2021 prompts to inspire me.

I met my husband because of a car.

He had one, and I didn't.

There's more to the story than that, but that's where it started.

He had a Bruce Springsteen CD playing, and the back seat was full of crumbs and kid-paraphernalia.

Sounds like my car now, water bottles and crumbs in the back seat, and that shopping bag with a tablecloth tucked inside for spur of the moment park adventures falling out every time I open the boot.

Maybe I'll use this quiet time to clean it out?!

What sort of car do you drive?


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  1. You can tell my kids are all grown up - I have a mini!


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