Friday 7 March 2008

Natalie is one today....

Just had to share - my baby girl is one today

After all the dramas of her arrival, the last year has been easy! She's a good sleeper (although she started life only sleeping thirty minutes at a time during the day); we didn't introduce solids until around nine months, and she loves people food, rather than tins; she has four teeth (the front four), and more on the way, and she gets quite miserable when they come in!

She learned to crawl in December, and has been desperately trying ever since to walk, but now she's started letting go when she has pulled herself up on furniture, so it won't be long until there is no stopping her!

She's a real daddy's girl, constantly asking for him during the day, and won't leave him alone until he has cuddled her when he gets home at night, but she has stopped falling asleep on his shoulder at night (which I think he is a bit sad about); she loves her big brother and sister, unless they are too rough with her, when she lets them know how unhappy she is with a bellow!

The first of many birthday photos!!


  1. Cute b'day pics. Hope Nat has a happy day.

  2. very cute pictures! I love those baby blues....
    Have a happy day.

  3. happy birthday natalie! what a big girl. its my girls bday today too cate-miss bella is six! hope you had a happy day with natalie, she sure is a cutie!
    Lea from scrap Therapy

  4. Happy Birthday Natalie,

    I hope you had a great day and were really spoilt.

    Cute pics Cate.

    Take Care,
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