Tuesday 7 November 2023

Last Firsts and all that jazz

When you're the last baby, especially when you're the last of 5 babies, there's not much celebration of you (especially from extended family)

We've always tried hard to celebrate Sophie in any way we can, because noone else is walking beside her cheering her on.

But as the baby of the family, celebrating the milestones can sometimes fall to the wayside when you're running through at the speed of life.

So when a moment pops up that can be commemorated in full, you can guarantee I'm gonna be there with bells and whistles on!

That's why I started using the hashtag #LastFirst all those years ago - because while most parent's camera rolls are full of images from the first baby doing the first thing, not many photos are taken of the last baby doing the same thing. 

And I didn't want that for our girl.

I wanted to make sure that she felt just as important in our world as all the others; that even though she was a "surprise", she mattered just as much as everyone else in this household 

And as she gets older, the last firsts will speed up and slow down in the rhythm of our days, and we'll be not far behind, cheering her on as she tackles the world.


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