Tuesday 27 May 2014

review | litecup sippy cup + nightlight

available at www.litecupaustralia.com RRP$A18.

I was gifted 3 cups for review purposes, all opinions are mine

When I was asked to review litecups, I'd only heard about them on facebook, never actually seen them, so I was interested to see what they meant by a 360° spout, and how a light would work in a cup.
The cup is a lovely big size, easy for Sophie to hold in both hands. The 360° spout means she can play with it, then get a drink without trying to figure out where the spout is. The cup holds a generous amount of liquid (non-fizzy, cold drinks are recommended) The lid comes apart for easy cleaning, and pops back together again so easily that I pulled it apart again to make sure I'd done it right.
When I told Steve about the cups, he was most concerned about the button battery that operates the light, so I pulled it all apart for him to check out. As you can see from the photos, it was quite an effort to get into! He has no concerns now!  

The light is hardly visible in normal daylight (I flattened a battery by leaving it switched on) and provides a nice soft glow, making the cup easy to find in the dark. [Sophie was very unhappy about being outside in the almost-dark, so I didn't play around with camera settings]

I'm going to add these cups to our camping kit, they will make drinks so much fun!

Litecup Australia are giving all Australian readers the chance to win one litecup. Enter via the rafflecopter widget below.

And don't worry if you don't win, they've also given you a 10% discount, using the code PURPLE10 - click through to the shop

The fine print
~ open to Australian residents only, excluding ACT
~ competition opens at 6am Tuesday 27 May, and closes 5pm Monday 2 June
~ winner will be the most creative answer, as determine by a panel.


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  1. These are so cool! I need one for MYnight-time water ;)

  2. PS I haven't gone camping in a million years but if I did brave it - definitely Fraser Island!

  3. These look really good for all ages!!

  4. Ummm the Sheraton perhaps??? hehehe it's called GLAMPING I believe ;) Monique

  5. My boys have such a fascination with torches! We are waiting til the kiddies are older before getting in a tent with them, it's cabins until then :)

  6. This is such a cool concept. I was going to get one before we went overseas recently as it was a good nightlight substitute but there wasn't enough time by the time I discovered them online. It might be just enough novelty to get my daughter to start drinking milk out of a cup and let go of her attachment to nursing ;)

  7. Up the mountains for sure. There are so many lovely little places that don't get too busy. I can't wait to take the girls camping. As soon as Zee is walking I have major plans. #teamIBOT

  8. They bring out all the cool stuff after my kids don't need them any more :(

  9. We plan to go to Blue Mountain for a camping. This beautiful litecup would be very handy.

  10. Tents and a sleepover in the backyard with this would be awesome!

  11. There are so many awesome spots on the nsw south coast I would have to head down that way.

  12. I have these with my 2 kids and I cannot rate these high enough! My kids love to take drinks to bed with them and I was so sick of the sippy cups leaking at night. I've never had a leak with these litecups and my kids love the light


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