Friday 23 May 2014

writing desk tales

I spend a lot of time on facebook (some might say too much), but one of the things I love about facebook is the use of groups to bring like-minded people together. I'm in a few blogging groups, and often share my knowledge if I can.

One of the groups, which is linked the Blog Chicks website, has recently brought in a weekly crowd-sourcing blog critique, and I'm the subject this week! (I was grocery shopping when it was announced, and came home to notifications and comments, pretty exciting!)

So far, everything that has been critiqued is something that I already had written down on my list to investigate further. But I got to wondering, what do you think when you read this little piece of the interwebs? Is the chevron in the header too much? Is the red writing hard to read? Do I write about things you want to read? Is there something you want to know about Australia, or big families, or blogging, or anything I've already shared here?

Please leave a comment with one positive and one negative thing about this space, and I'll take all your suggestions on board (and celebrate the positives with chocolate!) [you may leave your comments annonymously, if you would prefer]


  1. I think its more the chevron than the red making it hard to read? I love everything else you do :) And all the awesome advice you give me!

  2. I love the honesty of your blog Cate. You share without revealing too much and that's a fine balance to find. Obviously you are on the opposite side of the world to me so I find it really interesting to see the differences between where we live. I am amazed by the amount of creative things you manage to do in between juggling a very hectic family life.
    So, as you are making me choose a negative thing too - I think maybe the chevron pattern is a little too 'busy' to make the red lettering show up but hey, that's not going to stop me following your blog!

  3. When your site comes up, I know it's yours BECAUSE of the chevrons and purple-and-red color scheme. Yes, the red writing is a little hard to read - I suspect it's because the writing appears to be in italic over the "wavy" chevrons. If you want the writing to stand out more, try different fonts - ones not so "puffy" or glossy, maybe something more plain and then rasterize the type and put a black stroke around the letters. Or stay with what you have and just rasterize the type and put the stroke on. You'll have to play around with how big to make the stroke; I'm guessing 5 pt or less but am not sure. That would be just enough pull them out the chevrons.


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