Sunday 17 April 2011

alphanumeric blog hop

Welcome to my life behind the purple door! If you're dropping by for the alphanumeric blog hop, why not stop awhile, enjoy a cookie, and have a look around?!

The name on my birth certificate is Catherine, but growing up I was always known as "Kate" - although my grandad called me "Katie" "K-k-k-katie, beautiful kay-tie", dancing around the kitchen with me standing on his feet. And my dad told the story of me singing "katie when I'm a good girl, Catherine when I'm naughty"

But I was never a "Cathy". Dad's sister used to call me "Cathy", but we saw her so rarely that it never stuck. Then one day when I was about 12 or 13 I came home from school and mum was standing at the kitchen, signing a card. She wrote "Cate", and I asked why... her response was something like "I've always spelled it that way, Catherine starts with a 'C', why can't 'Kate'?"

We moved not long after that (so maybe it was a Christmas card she was writing), and I started a new school with a newly spelled name - the year was 1988, around the time of the "double-i" spelling that seemed to be everywhere (I went to school with Kelly, who changed her name to Kellii, then there's Dannii Minogue, who still goes by the double-i.)

My first returned homework sheet at my new school had my English teacher questioning the spelling of my name. And me getting upset that someone would question how I spell my name. But I wasn't swayed, and "Cate" I have been ever since. (except when we got married - you are legally required to use your full name during the ceremony.)

And that's the story of C.

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  1. Catherine is a beautiful name; shared by my mother and my daughter as middle names. I loved reading how you became Cate!

  2. Thanks for sharing the story of your name! And I'm always up for sharing a cookie.

  3. Great story of how you became Cate. Working in a school, I see many weird and wonderful names and unusual spellings, but I have never come across another Cate!

  4. Thanks for the muppet show made me smile

  5. Oh, how lovely! I'm glad you ended up with the letter 'C' so we got to hear the story of your name :-) Thanks so much for being part of my hop! xx

  6. Love the reminder of my children's childhood with Sesame Street! Quite right too - why not Cate with a C - my friends daughter is also Cate with a C - though she is Caitlin not Catherine! Jen x

  7. This is such a lovely post, thank you and I had never come across a Kate with a C until now. I like it!

  8. love that you were destined to have the letter "C" for the hop and we are all able to hear the story of "C"

  9. I can totally C why the letter C i erfectly suited to you Cate great story xxx

  10. Great post, teachers used to do that years ago, I remember one teacher trying to make a boy write with his right hand when he was left handed! :)

  11. What a fun way to share the letter C. Love the video :)

  12. I wonder if anyone ever questioned Cate Blanchett over the spelling of her name! Good for you sticking to your guns:)
    Fiona x

  13. Wonderful story! I remember the ii period of name spelling, although we often went with ie instead

  14. I think Cate is such a chic name and I loved hearing how you found it today :)

    ps Have I told you how much I love the bunny ears?

    happy Hopping Cate

  15. Love the story of how you became Cate.

  16. My cousin is Caity short for Caitlyn.

  17. I really love Cate spelled with a C. I still throw people off being a Cheri spelled with a C. Everyone wants to spell my name like the wine.

  18. Great Story Cate...Catherine Middleton should take a leaf out of your book!! Sandi (only one i - well it was only the 70's when i adopted this spelling!) :)

  19. Love Cate with a C, only makes since when Catherine is spelled with a C instead of K. Thanks for sharing the birth of Cate.

  20. Love the idea of Cate with a C, so different. ~c~

  21. Love the story of your name - uniquely you!

  22. Thanks for this insight Cate - I love Cate spelt with a C rather than a K :-)

  23. Great post! "C" is my favorite letter because it starts my name, too! :)

  24. Cute idea to use the cookie monster video!

  25. That Sesame made me smile and lovely how you got your name Cate..I'm catching up as I have been away since the hop

  26. Great story. I always have people questioning the spelling of my name too - gets annoying, right? :)


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