Sunday, 1 March 2015

us right now

he lost his job on Thursday

and is still pretty angry about it

he's got a big list of jobs to apply for this week

and is using the time at home to catch up on yard work

she is heading off to a blogging workshop this week

and is terrified of meeting new people

she walks five days a week after dropping kids at schhol

and is already noticing a difference

he is pushing the boundaries of following-the-crowd

rather than standing for himself

he chose "ultimate disc" for sport

{I don't know what it is either, something to do with frisbees}

she will be 8 soon

and has already attended her first {One Direction} concert

she is excited that dad is home at night

and has decided she doesn't like Cub scouts any more

he was very excited to win a prize on Friday (for earning ten smiley faces)

and his slinky prize has lasted all weekend

he hates cabbage, but loves white sauce

and always finishes off the mashed potato

she has figured out how to slide down the stairs 

and insists on walking up by herself, too

she is cutting two molars

and is excited dad is home each morning

Friday, 20 February 2015

camera love | seeing the difference

I've got a new camera. I only got my first digital camera 8 years ago (I still have it, it was a 5mp Kodak), and since then I've loved my Fuji FinePix cameras. And I've almost exclusively used my iPhone 5 camera for the last two years.
I didn't think I would ever buy a "big"camera. I was happy with the images from my iPhone, and my Fuji, when I remembered to pick it up.
Then I bought the Olympus OMD EM10. Even on auto, even "happy snapping", I can see the difference.
Sure, using the camera you have with you is better than not capturing the memory.
But the real eye opener to me was when I printed some photos at home on my picturemate. The iPhone photos were all blown out and grainy, but the photos from the Olympus were amazing.
A small piece of me was sad after seeing those awful photos printed out, thinking I had wasted all my photos from the last two years, but then I realised that I still had the memories captured, so I'd just have to print the photos a bit smaller.
Seeing nice photos has inspired me to pick up my camera again. Even if I do drive my family nuts following them around, happy snapping.
What camera do you use to capture memories?

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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

one foot in front of the other

After last week's post, I took some time out. Not on purpose, mostly because I couldn't get the energy up to figure out why the words running around in my head kept appearing, so I focused on making them disappear.

While I was chatting with Caitlin as we crafted last Thursday, I said something that surprised me (in the way that unvoiced thoughts often come pouring out at just the time that you need to be reminded of them) "I'm not giving up if I miss a day" I said, "it's just a bad day, not a bad life"

I've mentioned many, many times that I'm an excuse maker. That fear of rejection shows it's ugly head and excuses pour out of my mouth, but something seems to have clicked in the last week, and I keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

how do you know it's a problem?

I've always been an anxious person, an over-thinker, a catastrophiser, expecting the worst, then accepting less than the best. It's how I've always operated, it's how my parents encouraged me to think and be and feel.
But lately, I've been wondering if there's something more to it.

Because the blah moments seem to always be peeking around a corner, sneaking in quietly for  a quick visit, then wandering away.

Then I rationalise and think "I'm bored, I'm lonely" and head for the kitchen and the stash of chocolate that the kids can't reach.

But in the quiet of the night, when I crawl into bed by myself again, I wonder, is there something wrong with me? Am I ignoring something that I shouldn't be?

And then the sun shines, and I deal with kids arguing as they get ready for school, and Sophie cutting another tooth, and I head out to walk them to school in the sunshine, and I take the time to notice the blue sky and the sun shining, and I think, is it all in my head?

When did you know the feeling was a problem?

Friday, 6 February 2015

one little word® blog hop

One of my creative goals for this year is to complete the pages in my One Little Word® album each month. In three years of taking the class (I didn't take the class in 2013), I haven't yet completed an album, and some years didn't make it past May.

In keeping with BRAVE, when I saw a post in the OLW facebook group from Nikki for co-hosts for a link up, I knew that  I would put my hand up. And that I would push myself to get my pages finished.

I totally love Ali's idea of including the blog post that I write each year at the start of the album. I wanted to include the word that I painted, but if you've seen my craft room, you'll understand why there's a crappy picture in it's place. I try to use one paper collection each year, this year it's Woodland Park from October Afternoon. (little word from Color Cast Designs)

I spent a lot of time pondering the prompts, and worked on them in the order that inspiration struck. The definition of BRAVE is a lot bigger than "showing courage", but once I realised I couldn't use the Daily Flash alphabet to write the whole definition, the idea of shortening it was appealing.

I loved the idea of using the photos of me with my glasses on and off. Kind-of a revealing of me, which is what this journey will be this year.

This page involved lots of tears. Realising just how much rejection scares me was truly eye-opening. And while I said I was excited about taking chances, I'm also terrified of taking that leap (that's why I've made it to February, and still haven't acted on anything)

I haven't finished my intentions page, I think I need to dwell on the idea a bit more before putting pen to paper. But I truly enjoyed the {long} process of putting these words and pictures together, and I'm already thinking on February's prompt (to create a vision board)

Have you chosen a word for 2015? Are you taking Ali's class?
Host blogs - NikkiStory, Breathe... Now Smile, Funky Lindsay, AnkeArt, Never Ever Erin, Scrapstorian.
This is a blog hop. If you're taking the 2015 OLW class, you can link up your January prompt pages here. Post once, on any of the host blogs, and your post will appear on all host blogs. Please take a moment to leave a comment, and visit at least two other links.

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