Monday, 23 May 2016

Hello Monday

hello early morning swings The cooler weather means we're utilising the backyard more. It's still a work in progress, but we try to get out there early in the morning on non-daycare days.

hello emotion hangover I had no idea that was even a real term until I did a bit of googling. But it's safe to say that no one is enjoying teenager-hood at the moment. And while I've tried to deal with it myself, we're at the stage where no one feels safe in their own home any more, and that's an issue.

hello illness The winter lurgies have started, with me. I seem to get sick every May, or at least every other year. And Steve and I laugh about it every time, because I was sick when I met it.

hello goals I've made crappy progress with my goals for this month. But I'm going to take some time this week to look at them again, and see what I can actually finish before the month is up.

hello Monday, a new start every week.

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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Self Care for the Stressed Mumma

It's no secret that our household is stressed. From the financial stress of less money coming in, but the same amount of bills going out, to a teenager who isn't quite sure how to deal with anger except to explode all over the house, there's a lot of pressure on both Steve and I. And while we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, there are some days that we submit to the stress, and wallow, and become overwhelmed by it.
Sometimes, though, people will surprise you, pulling you out of the mud in the most unexpected ways, and allowing you some breathing space. We had one such experience just last week - a work mate of Steve's offered us free accommodation on the Sunshine Coast for a few days. He'd actually offered it to us back in April, and we'd said yes, but it became too complicated to go when we realised we'd forgotten about the NAPLAN testing Douglas needed to do last week, so we'd moved the trip to the too-hard basket.
But, on short notice, with very little budget flexibility, we manage an overnight escape, which was just what the doctor ordered.
The view from our sixth floor apartment was spectacular.
The water was freezing cold.
Who cares if you can't swim, it's water!
We managed to move away from the pool long enough to wander across the road, check out the crab pots Steve's friend had thrown in, and paddle in the salty water.
After an early dinner of fisha dn chips in the courtyard, Steve and I sat on the balcony drinking wine while the kids snuggled down for an early night in front of the tv.
Then I got to sit on the balcony and watch the sun come up, completely free of any noise.
There were some imperfect moments, like the room not actually having enough beds, and Douglas being relegated to couch cushions on the floor, and kids bickering and tripping over each other, but moments like these, where they worked together to put the breakfast dishes away, reminded us that they're really good kids at heart.

When was the last time you went away?

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Monday, 16 May 2016

Hello Monday

hello printing I took just over 500 photos for last week's Week In The Life™ project. But I completely forgot about taking notes about the happenings of the week, so I need to sit with the photos and a notepad (or maybe Evernote), and make notes before I forget. And I need to actually print the photos.

hello sewing I cut out the fabric for some new warm pants for Sophie last week, but never actually made it to the sewing machine. I need to get them sewn before she has a growth spurt and doesn't fit them any more. (I recently found a top ready to sew, dating back two years! No way she'll fit in that now!)

hello walking I was so very good about walking last year, but a flat pram tyre (that we haven't been able to replace), broken shoes, and the heat of summer have seen me making excuses and not walking. But over the last few days I've noticed a shortness of breath just walking up the stairs, so it's time to tackle exercise again.

hello time management I'm sorely lacking in my keep-on-top-of-everything abilities. And while Steve likes to think that it's an easy fix of staying up late to blog, it really isn't. For example, this blog post has taken around five hours to write, because there have been numerous interruptions from teens who missed school buses, toddlers wanting swings, and husbands who have all the answers. In all fairness, I was up at 6am this morning, but have wandered down many an internet rabbit hole, most recently, Camplify, where you can hire caravans or campers.

hello Monday, a new start every week.

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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

What's in your handbag?

Today's prompt what's in your handbag? Do you carry all the dinosaurs from the toybox, or spare socks? What weird things are buried in the bottom of your handbag?
Once upon a time, I used to horde handbags. I'd change bags every single day, depending on what I felt like, and they rarely if ever matched my outfit. These days, the idea of hundreds of handbags makes me cringe. It would be just one more thing taking up space in the house/our room, never put away and people constantly tripping over them.
I do have two bags, though. The first, a handmade carry-everywhere type bag rarely has much in it. Is tarted using it when I was juggling a newborn and toddler just after Sophie was born, and needed something I could grab quickly that was just big enough for wallet, water, keys and a nappy if needed. This week, I'm also carrying my big camera.
My second bag is the Jo Totes Gracie camera bag {first image}. I've had it for just over a year now, and love it to bits. I don't use it every day (in fact, some weeks could pass before I actually pick it up), but it is the perfect size for camera, wallet, water, and the few bits I need to carry for Sophie. I was actually quite surprised at some of the stuff that I found buried in the pockets! 

Starting across the top, there is - 
hair from Sophie's first haircut, a reusable shopping bag, water, mini camera from last year's ProBlogger conference, Nat's tooth that came out last week, car keys, lip balm and pens

Along the bottom -
a handmade pen Steve bought me at the local show last year, a clip that holds the hood on Sophie's pram, hand sanitiser, Sophie's sunglasses, and mine, business cards I collected at ProBlogger, lens cap from camera, peaches and cream lolly I took off Sophie over the weekend, Simpsons Monopoly game piece, sunny sister bracelet from swap, a marble, another board game piece, phone, wallet, Sophie's socks, and a swap card from Woolies.

I have actually put it all back in the bag, so I don't lose it. One day I'll find proper homes for things like teeth and hair, but meanwhile it's safe where it is.

What's inside your bag?

Tomorrow's prompt day in the life Share 5 photos from one day of your week. If you joined in last year, has anything changed, or is everything the same?

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Monday, 9 May 2016

Hello Monday

Today's prompt hello Monday Tell us five things you're looking forward to this week.
hello pillow as much as our unexpected getaway was relaxing, absolutely nothing in the world beats getting home to your own pillow.

hello week in the life™ I mentioned last week that I was going to be taking photos this week as part of the Week in the Life™ project hosted by Ali Edwards. I am still first and foremost a memory keeper at heart. And as much as blogging has taken over a little bit of the physical work of scrapbooks, every now and again I stumble over a photo album that I started filling in 2010, and I'm reminded that an album to flick through is an amazing thing. The key to the whole project will be actually printing and putting them in an album (as I sit at my desk, I can see from the corner of my eye a packet of photos that I printed out in 2011. After skimming the posts earlier today, I'm going to slip the photos in an album before the end of the month and call it done.)

hello birthday Chloe is 18 this week, Thursday to be exact. I've spent a bit of time reflecting on that over the last few weeks, and remembering this time 18 years ago.

hello cool nights as the nights start to cool down, hopefully that means the days will be not far behind.

hello backyard cleanup Steve has taken some time off later this week, and with his regular days off, he's got the next 12 days at home. The current plan is to spend some time in the backyard, tidying up; a project that we started almost 8 months ago, but is still on-going.

hello, Monday, a new start every week.

Tomorrow's prompt what's in your handbag? Do you carry all the dinosaurs from the toybox, or spare socks? What weird things are buried in the bottom of your handbag?

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