Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Us Right Now

Each month I capture snippets of us right now, the good and the bad of each individual, and us as a family.
We are putting up the Christmas tree today

We are all ready for holidays to start

We are getting better at family photos
He loves the challenges of his job

despite the sadness of losing someone "on his watch"

He wants to get stuck into some gardening

but hurt his back last time he tried
She knows exactly what to get everyone for Christmas

but hasn't started shopping yet

She is excited about making plans for next year

{but more excited about coffee and cake without sharing}
He has had a troubled month

way too many detentions and outbursts

He turned 14

but sometimes behaves likes he's 2
She has been following Douglas' lead

with outbursts and rotten behaviour

She makes up for it quickly

when she spends time with Sophie and Riley
He is excited to finish reading groups at school

and decorate the classroom for the last couple of weeks

He can't wait to sing Christmas carols in the choir

and tell Santa what he wants this year
She is full of words

meanie, buddy hel, no, love you, high five

She follows the kids endlessly

and loves helping dad on his days off

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Monday, 30 November 2015

Hello Monday

hello, Christmas tree It's 25 sleeps to Christmas. It's tree day tomorrow, which means today involves cleaning the space where the tree will stand, and actually finding the tree in the shed.

hello, blog planning Toni and I are getting together later this week to do some planning, for our personal blogs, and for our crazy wild idea we had a couple of months ago (yep, it's taken us that long to actually get together) I've got so many plans and ideas for next year, from recipes ad crafts to share, to launching my first ecourse (which is actually written, more than I can say for the ebook I've been promising for the last month), 2016 is going to SHINE!

hello, tired kids This term has dragged. From Douglas getting detentions every week, to Riley crying at the drop of a hate (or a nasty word from siblings), everyone has had enough. The end is in sight, and as much as I hate school holidays, my kids need a break.

hello, one foot in front of the other I haven't walked much this term, for various reason, although they probably just added up to making excuses, but it was what I needed. I'm ready to start walking again, but I need new shoes, so I'm shopping this week.

hello, Christmas carols When I first moved out of home, I would start playing carols in November, but the advent of kids has meant toning it down a little bit to make the season special, but now it's time to crack out the USB and get playing. (My favourite is any version of "Little Drummer Boy" or the Disney Christmas album)

hello, Monday, a new start every week.

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Monday, 23 November 2015

Hello Monday

hello, hot weather The hot weather is here, it's time to turn on the air conditioner for the next 6 months. And keep fingers crossed that the summer storms won't be too bad this year.

hello, craft room organising It's a never-ending-story. Use the craft room, dump unused stuff on a random desk space, then need the space, so start cleaning up. I'm in the can't-move-for-the-piles stage of the month, and it's driving me mental.

hello, toddler craft I actually enjoyed crafting with Sophie so much last week that I'm thinking about doing it again this week. And I might even craft with the big kids, too!

hello, family My mum is visiting for a week. Which means we see a bit more of my brother this week (a rare occurrence since he moved away from our street) It's nice to spend time with them, telling old family stories, and catching up on each other's un-Facebook lives.

hello, Monday, a new start every week.

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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Myer Giftorium

This post brought to you in conjunction with Myer and Kids Business
It's only 34 sleeps to Christmas.

Last week, Sophie and I were lucky enough to attend the Myer Giftorium opening, and the opening of the Myer Christmas windows in Brisbane city.
I confess, the first thing I did was find the food. After last year's experience I packed  lunch box for Sophie, but I was starving. I was so excited to see such a thoughtful spread of food. Sophie licked the lemon curd cups clean, and I loved the quiche. And the paper straws to go with the drinks were just a little bit special.
Despite messing up the bus stops, we arrived early on the fourth floor. The Productician standing near us was a lovely chatty girl, excited to show us her section. She pointed out different sections, picking an item in each section to tell us a bit more about and the price point for the product. And later in the day when we were shopping with our vouchers, she offered to hold stuff so we didn't drop it.
Choosing gifts is made easier because everything is grouped together. Products For Him and For Her, the Tech Guru, Kids Cubby, Stocking fillers, Paws Corner and Food Fantastic.

There's an emphasis on gift personalisation this year, with personal Nutella jars being the most popular; there's also customised leather goods, business shirts, towels and Santa sacks.

There's a Santa village and train for the kids to ride

And a mailbox for writing letters to Santa

I was totally fascinated by the train set (Sophie couldn't see it from her pram)

Then we headed off to see the opening of the Christmas windows. Of course, Toni, who worked at Myer for years, got lost, and my sense of direction is even worse, so we actually missed the unveiling, but we did make it in time to see Santa checking it out.

The Myer Melbourne Christmas windows are celebrating 60 years this year; the Myer Brisbane Christmas windows are a replica of the Melbourne windows. This year's theme is "Little Dog and the Christmas Wish", based on the book of the same name by Corinne Fenton and Robin Cowcher.

The goodie bag we were gifted contained the Salvos Christmas bear, a big jar of personalised Nutella, and some little toys for the kids.

And we got to experience the Giftorium, being gifted a $50 voucher. It was tough, deciding which tea cups I wanted to buy!!

We enjoyed our day (despite all the wrong turns we took), and managed to make it home without getting lost.
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Friday, 20 November 2015

Toddler craft | paper plate wreathes

Sophie loves playing in the craft room with me when I'm shuffling paper. She usually plays with a box full of buttons, dribbling them through her fingers in the loudest possible way. But just recently, she's shown an interest in doing whatever I'm doing (which isn't always easy.) So I've started brainstorming ideas (or browsing pinterest) and gathering supplies to give her some simple crafty things to do.

With Christmas so close (35 sleeps!) I thought paper plate wreathes would be a fun place to start. Of course, I went to the shops on 3 occasions in the last week, and forgot to actually buy the plates, so Steve grabbed some for me on his way home from work last night. Uncoated plates work best.
Sophie has always loved stickers, so I picked up some stars and dots, but they were a bit too small for her to use easily, so we moved onto the Christmas stamps.
My original plan was to stamp on the painted side, but the stamps were green, so we flipped the wreath over. Then we discovered that half the stamps were dry, so I pulled out some ink pads, and Sophie had a ball stamping.
But by far the most fun she had was brushing glue to stick coloured pasta down.
I can see lots of painting in our future days, and more fun activities leading up to Christmas.

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