Monday, 3 August 2015

Hello Monday

hello, 10 sleeps to ProBlogger. Time to help Steve and the kids decide what they'll eat and work out the shopping list. And buy a pair of jeans.

hello, dentist. For the kids this time. The school dental van is visiting, and both Natalie and Riley have a couple of small fillings that need to be done. It's a first for both of them, so we've been talking lots about it.

hello, baking. I stumbled on this recipe yesterday, and have all the ingredients, so will be whipping it up this afternoon.

hello, bookclub. I've just realised I haven't read the book, and it's my choice! I see a couple of late nights happening this week.

hello, new ideas. I've been using a bullet journal for almost two years now, but something about a Midori Traveller's Notebook appeals, so I'm trying a DIY version as a blog planner for a couple of months.

Hello, Monday, a new start every week.

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Friday, 31 July 2015

Technology tips for #pbevent

With just 13 sleeps until I head off to ProBlogger, it's time to start thinking about the technology I'll be taking with me. As bloggers, we live an online life, with our post writing, social media interaction, and research, and while it would be nice to think that we'll all be disconnecting while we're away, the chances of that happening are pretty slim in reality. So taking some technology is necessary, as is making sure it's in working order.

Here are five tips I've gleaned from reading and facebook group discussions
  1. Don't forget your chargers! With so many rechargeable gadgets these days, make sure you've got all the chargers for all your gadgets. My iPhone has a lightning plug, but my iPad is older, and has the 30 pin plug, so I need to pack two leads. And my camera is rechargeable, too. If your camera takes batteries, change them before you leave home, or pack a spare in your bag.
  2. Bring a power board for your room. Two people in a room, two lots of gadgets, chances are there won't be enough power points available. A powerboard will alleviate the stress of who's gadget will go un-charged for the day.
  3. Extra internet is a good idea. During our recent internet outage, I was astounded how much can actually be used in a day! There is a wi-fi provided at the venue, but I've never had any luck with free wi-fi being anything but unstable, so I'll be packing our Vodafone pocket modem. Between that and my phone data and my iPad data, I should have plenty of data for the four days I'm away.
  4. Don't bring your laptop. Now I'm in two minds about sharing this one, but I'll outline my reasons, and you can decide for yourself. 1) I think it will be hard to plan to write. I actually do my best writing first thing in the morning, but I think the days will be so jam-packed that I'll be using that time to escape outside for a walk. 2) With so many other gadgets, is a laptop really necessary? I've got an iPad, and my iPhone (although I hate blogging from my phone, the screen is so small!), I can easily browse pinterest in bed from my iPad (it's what I do most nights anyway.) Toni, on the other hand, will be leaving her iPad behind, so she is taking her laptop.
  5. Pack it all away securely when you leave your room. Chances are, you'll be at least carrying your phone and camera, but even though the venue is a five star resort, I strongly urge you to pack your technology away when you leave the room for any reason.
Have you got any tips to add to the list?
You can download a free packing list on this post.
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Monday, 27 July 2015

Hello Monday

hello, dentist. Again. Last week, I spent about ten minutes with the dentist in the morning, and twenty minutes in the afternoon. My teeth are a mess. I need five extractions, and five fillings. I can't get it done all at once, because we can't afford the hospital fees, so it's a slow process of a bit at a time. Today, I'm having the worst two teeth pulled out (the ones that were causing me pain.) Now that it isn't unknown, I'm not as scared (but I am a little bit worried), and tomorrow I'm told I will feel ten times better than today.

hello, ProBlogger. The end is in sight, it's only 17 sleeps until we go. Toni and I have a clothes shopping date for this Friday, and then it's time to get serious about packing and lists, and making sure they have food at home.

hello bedroom floor. To try and figure out what clothes I actually need, Steve and I spent some time yesterday picking up everything off the floor in our room. It's been a while. I now have more than twenty pairs of socks, too many tops that I need to sort again, and one pair of jeans that fits. And I haven't been through Sophie's drawers yet. But the floor is clean.

hello, slow week. I'm expecting to need a bit of recovery time this week, so I don't have much planned. And if all else fails, my mum is arriving on Thursday for a weekend visit, she can always step in while Steve is working if needed.

hello, Monday. A brand new start every week.

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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Facebook Official

Dear Chloe

so it's official

(well, facebook official at least)

You've got a boyfriend

I have to say, my heart leapt into my mouth

I was both excited and worried for you

Excited, because I remember those little butterflies

But worried, too

It's a big step, my girl

To give your heart to someone

Hearts are so fragile, they break

I worry about your heart

Oh, I know you have strong foundations

and Granma has looked after you for the last four years

but I'm mum, I worry.

Enjoy it, dear girl

Enjoy the talking, the laughs, the fun, the growing

Enjoy the journey.

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Monday, 20 July 2015

Hello Monday

Hello, dentist. I mentioned on the facebook page last week that I made the phone call after weeks of putting it off. I've been in pain for a while, but last night it woke me up, so I'm glad my appointment was already booked. I'm embarrassed to go and open my mouth, and I'm scared, too. But I was reminded over the weekend that this is a BRAVE year, and I'll be ok.

Hello, helping in class. I haven't done it for a few years, having had little ones at home for years. But Riley really wanted me to "write my name down", and his teacher was ok for Sophie to come if she wasn't disruptive. We'll see how it goes.

Hello, scrapbooking. Deb suggested I scrap the group photo of us from this post. And I thought that was such a great idea (why didn't I think of it!) that I printed out the photo, and that's as far as it got. This week I'm pulling out paper and actually creating the page.

Hello, wet weather. It's been cold for a couple of weeks (cold enough to make the media, because Queensland only gets cold for a couple of months each year), but now the rain is starting to close in, looks like a wet week ahead of us.

Hello, Monday. A new start every week.

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