Thursday, 23 April 2015

review | yummy mummy food company

I was gifted these items. All opinions are mine.
Yummy Mummy Food Company
I've been pretty lucky with my breastfeeding journey. Four babies, and only one bout of mastitis. And babies who fed easily, for what would be considered a long time by most, but was exactly as long as they want to feed. But over the last 8 years, I've been breastfeeding for just over 7 years. And no matter how much water I drink, how much porridge I eat for breakfast, sometimes a girl just needs a boost to get the milk up there!

{Sophie has been cutting molars* for a couple of weeks now, both Nat and Riley would just sleep for four days when their molars cut, Sophie gets all sucky and wants mum}

I've seen many recipes for boobie bikkies, as they're known colloquially, but as much as I love baking I've never had the energy in those early months of babydom to make my own. I wish I had known about these cookies after Sophie was born!

I ate 2 cookies a day, although the website says 3. The biscuits are lovely and oaty, almost like a butternut snap, and quite moorish if you want to give in to that strength of will that sees you stopping at just two tim tams. I noticed a difference within an hour, a "fuller" feeling, and Sophie seemed much happier, too.

If you'd like to try any of the cookies in the range, use the code MOREMILK for 15% off the entire store.

* I wrote this review at the start of April, when Sophie was actually cutting molars.

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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

brave | finally choosing to back me

Choosing BRAVE as my One Little Word® for this year might seem like a strange choice if you're on the outside looking in for the last four months. I mean, it's not as if I've acted on the word in any way so far, is it? But I think that part of making a word work for you is growing in acceptance that you need the strength that the word can bring you, and that isn't something that happens on January 2nd.

As I worked through those prompts in February, I thought I had a better understanding of what BRAVE meant for my year. But in true-Cate-style (cause lets face it, it wouldn't be an introspective Cate-post if I didn't throw in a spot of self-deprecation) life got in the way, and I've wallowed a bit since then.

And then last week a newsletter hit my inbox. It was a bit odd, because I didn't remember signing up for it, but I clicked it open because I recognised the name from a blog I had stumbled on the day before - The Colourful Housewife. I read the newsletter, clicked through on a couple of things, then wandered off on my merry way around facebook.

Later that night, something caught my eye - a status update in one of the business groups I'm in, offering advertising spots in the newsletter of The Colourful Housewife. Hmm, thought my brain, maybe I'll ask for more information.

Which I did.

And I consulted Toni, as I do with all random hare-brained ideas that jump into my head. (She's no good at helping me decide, she always says "do what you think is best", just as I say to her, but she's a fabulous sounding board!)

So how exactly did I back myself?

Well, I purchased an advertising spot in The Colourful Housewife's newsletter.

You know how they say you've got to spend money to make money?

Well, I'm not totally trying to make money yet, but I am trying to grow confident in putting myself out into the world.

It might seem like an odd first step, throwing myself out into the inboxes of 50,000 people, and the facebook feeds of even more people, but it seems that when I finally trust BRAVE, I do odd things.

And if I get just one facebook follower, or one comment and one extra reader, well, right now that's pretty successful to me. (Actually, that's not true, if I only get one new reader I'll probably cry over wasted money, and seriously doubt myself, and wallow in pinterest and chocolate)

When did you last back yourself? Did it involve spending money?

If you're new here, welcome, I'm Cate! I've been blogging in this space for almost 8 years, through pregancy, babies, teenagers and lifes ups and downs. Read more about us over here, or sign up for the monthly newsletter here.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

wwyd? | generic versus brand

In an attempt to save money in a house full of iGadgets, we recently purchased a bunch of power cables on eBay. At a dollar a cable, it was a pretty big savings for us, and when the cables did the typical Apple bend and detatch, it was ok, we could quickly replace them and continue charging.

But we've struck a problem with a recent software update.

Not one single cable is working for long enough to actually fully charge any cable.

And we only have one brand cable.

With 6 iPads and 3 iPhones on the go, you can imagine how stressful it is!

So now we're stumped - do we invest in more of the cheap, generic cables and persevere with slow charging, or spend big dollars on brand cables, and go back to quick, unstressful charging?

What would you do?

Friday, 17 April 2015

the power of one

As Caitlin and I sat watching the kids dig themselves into a big hole yesterday, I was reminded of a post from Picklebums a couple of years ago.

The power of one child is something that I notice every now and again. I looked for Natalie on 3 separate occasions as we sat on the beach, but she was most noticeable in her absence of noise. No one was hitting others, no one was yelling. They just played, together, even Douglas.

That's not to say that Natalie causes those behaviours; she can play just as nicely with Riley or Douglas when the other is missing, if they are otherwise occupied.

Meaning that last week, when Douglas was interstate visiting his big brothers, Natalie and Riley were less than stellar in their behaviour.

One is also powerful when adding to the mix. Caiden and Lana come over once a week while Caitlin and James work later. They will usually play well together with Riley and Natalie, but when Douglas gets home from school, patterns shift and behaviour changes, and five don't play well again.

Eventually Sophie will want to be a part of this mass. Maybe she will be the critical point where things change? But good or bad, one child is noticeable by their presence or absesnce.

Do you notice the power of one?

Thursday, 16 April 2015

review | Tiptoe&Co baby shoes

As a Pisces, I've always been a little bit obssessed with shoes, but I have always believed that children don't need to wear shoes for the first couple of years while their feet are developing. But living in Queensland doesn't always make this possible when independent children want

I had *seen* Chelsea, the owner of Tiptoe&Co, around facebook groups a bit, and Toni owns more shoes for Hayley than she does for herself, so I knew where to start looking for shoes when we needed them. (My one attempt at *cheap* shoes from the department stores fell apart after two days!)

After drooling looking at baby shoes for hours (Sophie has just as many blue pairs of shoes as she does pink), I settled on a pair and set about measuring Sophie's foot. Don't rely on age to choose the size! Our first pair was sized 12-18 months, and she was almost 18 months when we got them, and has only just last week grown out of them at 21 months.
The insoles are padded, the soft soles have grips underneath, and I really wish I could get beautiful leather shoes for the other kids and I! 
Sophie loves wearing them, and is very good at the putting-shoes-on-before-going-out routine (and can often be found just wearing shoes around the house)

How many pairs of shoes do you own?
This is NOT a sponsored post, I purchased these shoes myself. 
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