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Monday, 12 March 2018

Hello Monday

hello cool weather. I love that the weather has turned in Queensland. It's been quite a few years since March has actually felt like autumn, and while the humidity is high from the rain, making it muggy, it still feels a lot cooler than January. [Was a cool 20°C walking the kids to school this morning.]

Monday, 26 February 2018

Taking Stock in February

Inside - joining Denyse Whelan to take stock of life right now

Making : plans for a million things that may never be executed

Cooking : lunch recipes for a blog post that I've been putting together for a few weeks now

Drinking : always lots of water

Reading: A Wrinkle in Time, because the movie looks spectacular, but if I don't read the book first I probably never will
Wanting: cool weather to hang around longer this year

Looking: for a new washing machine as ours has finally died an inglorious death

Playing: The Greatest Showman soundtrack on repeat in the car and house. The kids are enthralled with it as well.

Wasting: time by scrolling Facebook endlessly

Sewing: Riley has asked me for a library bag. He's never had one (made by me) before. It's kind of a pain to drag the machine out, clear space to create, find fabric, etc, but I'm itching to get it happening later this week.

Wishing: I had the confidence to move beyond the noise in my head

Enjoying: discovering Netflix. I know. Hugely late to the party, but getting an Apple TV over the weekend has made this a much easier pastime.

Waiting: to find out when Steve will be home - will it be before or after Natalie's birthday next week?

Liking: what Bron is doing with her new website

Wondering: what outside noise has my dogs all stressed and barky today

Loving: writing again
Hoping: I can sneak off to a scrapbooking weekend soon

Marvelling: at how resilient all 3 of my girls are, overcoming struggles every day

Needing: to eat lunch

Smelling: my ACTION blend

Wearing: tatty slippers very much in need of replacing

Noticing: the busy neighbourhood noises when there's no daytime TV

Knowing: I can do it.

Thinking: about why my triglycerides test would have been sky high last week, and how to bring it down again.

Feeling: lucky that I can buy a new washing machine within days of the old one breaking down

Bookmarking: this post and this post

Opening: all the emails this lady and this lady send

Giggling: at disappearing children... Yesterday I was watching TV and Sophie was sitting at her table playing schools as she does most days. She disappeared from view, so I assumed she'd gone off to play with the kids. About 20 minutes later I heard this tapping and hopped up to check, only to discover her curled up at the foot of the couch, sound asleep! I giggled madly (and woke her up accidentally) She went back to sleep for another hour.

Feeling: excited for the week ahead and getting.things.done.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

The unexpected benefits of reset days

Inside - How and why reset days have changed my life

For a few months now, I've been doing a reset day on the last day of the month.

It's an idea that I've been aware of for a long time, but until recently had never regularly stuck to.

And now I can't imagine not doing it.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

7 ways we use essential oils

Inside - Essential oils are big business for some, so how does an average family actually use them? My doTERRA website

Both my parents became qualified masseurs in my early teens. Essential oils were part of the job, although they both tended to stick to a group of 3 oils (or perhaps that was just dad's rule.)

As I moved into my own home, I've always had oil burners or candles or incense sticks burning, and a bottle of lavender and eucalyptus handy for sticky spots and nit prevention.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Hello Monday

Inside - On Mondays, we welcome the week ahead by embracing the things we do, whether that's goals we set, or just living life.

hello confidence - I can't seem to overcome this "who am I to be saying it" voice in the back of my head, which overwhelms me when I try to move forward. Which is silly, because I have this quote over my desk that says

Friday, 9 February 2018

The best sticky date anything ever

Sticky date pudding is synonymous with Christmas around these parts. Until recently, my kids avoided the traditional Christmas pudding, instead opting for Sticky Date pudding every time.

So it was kind of a no brainer when a friend suggested to me last year that sticky date pancakes would be the best thing ever. The challenge was set, and I have to tell you, it is entirely possible to eat too many pancakes!

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

3 things you need to do now for next Christmas

Inside - Why we need to start planning for next Christmas in January

The kids are back at school, the skies are clear after the rainy weekend has passed, and thoughts are turning to hot cross buns.

We're not thinking about Christmas.

Christmas is 322 sleeps away.

Monday, 5 February 2018

Why you need to audit all the things now

Inside - why you need to audit everything, and how to get started

We've all grown up with the looming spectre of the tax man doing an audit of our books if we fudge our accounting just a little bit but there is immense power and clarity in auditing all aspects of your life these days.

But let's just back up for a second, what exactly is an audit?

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