Tuesday 2 September 2014

{review} Safety 1st pram and highchair

I was gifted these items. All opinions are mine.

Wanderer stroller RRP $A499, Lumbar high chair RRP $A199
check Safety 1st website for stockists
When I was invited by Dorel Australia (parent company to Safety 1st) to come to the Parents, Babies & Children Expo in June, I was a bit hesitant. We had a high chair, and car seats, and weren't big pram users, so I wasn't sure how we could work together. Then I saw the new range in action, and shared on instagram that "if I was starting my baby journey, I would want the stellar pram"
When I discovered the boxes waiting for me at the front door, I insisted that Steve bring the high chair straight upstairs, and I would put it together. It was really easy to do (although I bodged it slightly, and didn't put the seat on before putting the feet on), and really easy to fix my mistake. I popped Sophie straight in, and checked out the features.
I really wanted to check out the high chair for two reasons - firstly, it has a lumbar function (just like Steve's truck), that moves forward to close the gap between bub and tray. This has saved so much food-on-floor drama! The second feature that rocks my world is that the removable tray insert fits in the dishwasher. No more arguments with Douglas over not-cleaned bits!

I only had one drama with the high chair, and Safety 1st was very open to hearing about it and taking it on board. When the high chair was closed and tucked away, it's very top-heavy, and Sophie knocked it over on herself (it didn't actually hit her, she was sitting in the gap of the legs, but it scared her badly)

You can read more about the high chair here.
I've never used a 3-wheel pram before. They weren't around when Chloe was born, and weren't in our price range when Natalie was born, so I was really interested to see how it worked, and whether it was a good fit for us. If you follow me on instagram, you'll know that I love it!

It comes mostly assembled in the box - you only have to put the wheels on, and clip the seat into place - and I put it together by myself (I was too impatient to wait for Steve, he was busy servicing my car, which is why I did it outside)
The front wheel is removable, and I had been removing it to fit in my car, but it folds flat enough that the wheel isn't in the way in my car. It's a simple two-handed pull to fold the pram down, but I'm a bit uncoordinated and end up in an awkward position, with the pram standing upright. Once I figured out what I was doing wrong, it was simple to fold away quickly.
I've taken the pram out a bit lately, walking to playgroup and heading to the shops. Being a not-pram user previously meant that I really wanted to see what I could do with it. The pneumatic wheels and rear suspension means it handles beautifully on our footpathless streets, although I almost tipped it over when I lifted the front end up a kerb like you do with a 4-wheeled pram.

The basket under the pram holds quite a bit, and is easy to access when the seat is laying down. The covered bit you see in the photo above is also basket, a secure spot for wallets, keys, etc. And I'm not sure if it's normal in prams these days, but the over-shoulder harness fits into the lap belt, locking in to the clip. The pram also comes with a boot muff, and rain cover (although I don't think I'll need to use that any time soon)

You can read more about the Wanderer here

To keep up to date with new releases from Safety 1st, join their Faceook page here

I have 1 Wanderer pram, and 1 Lumbar high chair to giveaway.


  • 1 reader will win a Wanderer pram, 1 reader will win a Lumbar high chair. 
  • They will not be the same reader.
  • Competition opens at midnight Septmeber 2nd, closes at midnight September 8th.
  • Open to Australian residents only.
  • All sections of the rafflecopter must be completed
  • Winners will be the most creative answers as judged by a panel
  • Only 1 answer per email address
  • Winners will be contacted by email, and will have 24hrs to reply

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  1. I got the Wanderer pram to use with Phoebe and I am LOVING it! I need to write my review on it soon but I have used many prams and the price and quality of the Safety 1st Wanderer is amazing. Great review. :)

  2. What a great prize, I'm not sad to say that I hardly ever use a stroller anymore, my boys are full of energy and just run everywhere! x

  3. I'd love to win the pram I don't have one that fits into the car would make shopping easier as my poor little ones stuck in the carrier and she's getting bigger now. Sampike1986@gmail.com

  4. I would love to win the highchair, looks like it would be great to clean after all the food fight wiggles ....... I mean meal times ;-)

  5. I'd be happy with either. We have most things but it would be nice for my youngest to have something new.

  6. One thing we don't have for baby #2 currently in the oven is a cot mattress! Would love to win the pram as like yourself, we don't have any footpaths in our area on my daily kindy walk & we'd love a suitable pram for those days once baby #2 arrives. The pram we have for kid #1 is not good for footpathless roads, something we didn't think about back then, but definitely thinking about now lol

  7. I don't have a pram yet, it's the only thing that remains with 3 weeks to go.

  8. I would love a new pram - one that is easy for my 68 year old mum to use when looking after the kidlets!

  9. Need a new pram real soon, this one would be great for little "Spud" when he/she arrives...

  10. What don't I have? A NANNY!! Lol...

    The pram would be an awesome prize!! Thnx.

  11. A high chair is missing from this household, and feeding her on the floor is giving me a back ache!

  12. One of those chairs that clips onto a table or a bench. Technically not a baby baby item, but for a toddler. - Diana

  13. There’s a cheap and nasty stroller folded up in the back of our car
    But I’m afraid it’s falling apart and doesn’t get us very far!
    The wheels are dodgy and we’re always getting stuck
    I’d love to win this Wanderer pram, so I’ll try my luck
    The must have baby item that I need…
    Have you guessed? It’s a pram indeed!

  14. We are in need of a highchair. I wasn't planning on buying one for a few months as I don't really have the space to store it.

  15. Could be handy as we head towards grommit number 1...

  16. I don't have a cot at the moment and my baby is fast approaching! I think its pretty essential, but I just can't find the one I want.

  17. The high chair. As a grandparent that watches them quite alot , I need some baby items at home to make it easier :) The pram is great too, :)

  18. I paid a fortune for a well known pram,
    Nothing but disappointed unfortunately I am.
    Just out of warranty it decides to break,
    I need a new pram for heavens sake.
    Holding my daughter asleep in my arms,
    My muscles start screaming cramping alarms.
    To get me out of this inconvenient jam,
    I'd love to win the Wanderer Pram.

  19. What an awesome giveaway! I love a good pram, but thankfully we are past needing one.

  20. It would be nice to win this awesome high chair. Our old high chair doesn't have the wheels. But my boy loves pushing the chair when his sister is sitting on it, which worries me a lot. If with the wheels, it would be safer for both of them. Also the gap between the tray and bub is a little bit big, and sometimes my little girl tries to take her legs out and escape from the chair. The Lumbar high chair would give peace to my mind.

  21. The Wanderer Pram would be THE must have item for me and my lil one. It's kind of like Google, you didn't know how your questions were answered before its invention! Need this beauty of a creation to enable my strolls with my child.

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