Friday 29 August 2014

3 tips to avoid envy on conference weekend

If you're at all active in the Australian blogging community, you know that the ProBlogger Event (conference) started yesterday. I'm not there, again, this year, and at the start of the week I felt a little bit of envy creeping in. Here are 3 tips I'm using this weekend to avoid the green-eyed monster
  1. make plans for next year. I've already got a savings plan in place, and Steve is on notice that he's taking the weekend off (even though we don't know the dates yet), I will be at the next conference!
  2. make plans with others not going. I've organised a catch up today with Stitching Rules, Finding Myself Young and Annie's Lane. We'll talk blogging, and eat chocolate cake, and juggle our kids, and have a great day.
  3. don't avoid social media. I understand that it can be a little overwhelming seeing the fun that others are having, but I don't think you need to avoid social media. I think you can use social media as a learning opportunity, and soak in the goodness of the conference from a distance. Carly Findlay will be live-tweeting, as will Louisa from Brand Meets Blog.
How will you be avoiding the green-eyed monster this weekend?


  1. Great post... Envious? Nah xo

  2. I took so much inspiration from what was shared on IG and FB, it was kinda like being there, but cheaper and no hangover!
    I've never been, but would loved to go to experience it for myself one year.

  3. Great plan for next year Cate, it is so worth the investment. x Nikki

  4. I followed the tweet stream obsessively in 2012 and learned a bundle just from that. Would love to see you there (where ever there will be) next year. And great idea on the catch-up.

  5. That was me last year Cate when I didnt go and I totally avoided social media after day 1 as I was feeling far too envious for my own liking... hence why I did actually go this year lol xx


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