Monday 20 October 2008

bad hair day...

Kim shared her photos, so I thought I'd play along too (these are on Facebook, so they're already out there in the ether!)

This photo was taken at my Gran's 65th birthday... I'd only been home from an overseas trip a couple of weeks, and it was the first time my family had EVER seen me with short hair... I had endured four hours in the chair, getting a spiral perm about four weeks before I went O/S... and then promptly chopped it off while I was there! I thought I looked so cool, and felt very grown up... but I never ventured into the realm of perms again (and probably never will!)

It's funny, at the time, it cost $90 to have the perm, and weeks of convincing my parents it was okay to spend that much money on my hair... and yet, I have a hair appointment this weekend, and know it will cost around the same amount, but we don't bat an eyelid at that!!

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  1. hey Cate
    Your perm looks great!!!!! Thanks for playing along!


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