Friday 25 March 2011

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In 2009 I shared 5 random links which developed into a semi-regular series in 2010. I'me a bit behind the times, and haven't really searched etsy before, so I though that might be fun to do for this prompt (and it helps me generate ideas for Christmas - yes, it's on my mind already)

Beautiful felted soap, useful and pretty.
(I wonder how hard it would be to make?)

I've been looking at these patterns for awhile now.
I can definately see these being made for the kids this Christmas

Because I've never used Etsy before, I'm a bit unsure how to search for things.
I found this shirt by using the shop by colour search, and randomly clicking on a pretty colour.

I wore dichroic glass jewellery for my wedding.
I can see my sister wearing these.
(found by searching through a treasury)

I know a big girl who is just starting to show interest in jewellery.
And a couple of little girls trying to copy the big girl.
(found by searching "handmade", "ceramic", "jewellery")


  1. That's a lovely list. I really must take a good look at etsy, thank you for reminding me :-)

  2. Wow, I wonder how they made that felted soap. Great links!!!! Visiting from Blogging for Scrapbookers. xoxo


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