Thursday 10 April 2014

review | treasures nappies

available nationally from IGA Supermarkets

I was sent one packet of nappies to test and review. All opinions are my own.

In a lot of ways, I'm classed as a crunchy-hippy mama - we co-sleep, babywear, do baby-led weaning. But I have used disposable nappies with each child; and not the eco-friendly kind, just the cheapest, bulk-buy that works best for sensitive skin. For the last two babies, and now for Sophie, this has meant using Huggies. So I was up for testing a new-to-Australia brand.

Treasures nappies have been available in New Zealand for over thirty years and have recently become available in Australia. We trialed them over the course of one week, and I have to say I was impressed with them!

They held everything in place (we were coming off a bout of gastro, it was messy!), fit snuggly and looked great. The only downside was the side tabs being a bit fiddly to pull out from under Sophie (you can see from the photo that they're quite long, and finish close to the back wasitband)

We have a history of sensitive skin in this house, so by the end of the week, Sophie was starting to get nappy rash, so I wouldn't use these every day, but they would be perfect for a quick weekend away when I just want to pack a small nappy bag. I'll definitely look out for them again.

Do/did you use disposable or cloth?


  1. Gosh, it' small so long ago now ... We had to use terry cloth nappies with our DD at first to keep her legs splinted apart as they thought she might have clicking hips, but we moved on to disposables at some point. Never mind the pretty logo, I'd say to the manufacturers - just make sure they work!

  2. for my last 4(of 8 kids) ive used exclusively disposables, and always huggies...they seem to be the only brand that keeps nappy rash away......i do love the hairy mclary pics on these though, too cute....


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