Monday 1 June 2015

Us Right Now | June

At the end of every month's mini photo shoot, I kick myself for not remembering to take a photo of all of us together. Yesterday, my niece was with us, so it was the perfect opportunity to remember (and hand my camera over to someone else)
He constantly writes big lists of things to do on his days off

then gets annoyed with himself when he doesn't achieve everything on the list

He is looking forward to camping in June

but not the long drive to the site after work
She finally got that haircut

but now the greys are more visible

She is planning birthday cakes for June

even if they're packet mixes
He became a patrol leader for his scout troop last week

he also had a lunchtime detention at school

He is being given more freedom to do "things" by himself

often negated by obnoxious behaviour afterwards
She went on an excursion for school last week

and hasn't mentioned a word about it

She wants to help cook dinner most nights

even though she has a tantrum about doing chores
He sings in the junior choir at school

and is slowly learning his golden words (sight words)

He is saving up for a set of headphones

and tries to negotiate payment for every chore
She cut the upper two eye teeth last month

and says waawee, dawoo, nah (Riley, Douglas, Nat)

She has discovered how to open the kid-proof cupboard

and rarely stands still for photos


  1. Wow - Douglas is almost as tall as you! And I can't believe how BIG Riley looks. Love that you keep up on these posts, Cate, and it's fun that you got a group shot this time!

  2. I think this is my favourite type of your posts, Cate - your words always seem to capture something of each person's unique way of being in the world. How nice to see you altogether too.


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