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Friday, 12 October 2007


Isn't this rose beautiful!! Hubby brought it home last night - it's out of a friend's garden - and this morning it opened up with the most divine smell!!

I have actually done some scrapping this week! Yay!! I'm signed up to Ruby's CJ over at SM, so I've been working on that - I decided to make my life difficult, and chose a black book, so have to work with bright colours (gee, that sucks, LOL!)... so I'm probably going to use a few Urban Lily bits'n'bobs - that's if the photo looks okay, just picked them up from big w - after loading them on Wednesday!!

I've organised some mums to come over on Monday for a bit of a crop, so fingers crossed - my goal is to finish one LO, between bubs and gossiping!! And hopefully we all get on well enough to make it a monthly "mum and bubs crop!!"


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