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Saturday, 27 October 2007

ready steady scrap

So, Ruby over at SM suggested a "ready, steady, scrap" challenge, and I had a go. The challenge items were - staples, pink, ribbon and letter/number stickers.

Well, I had a panic straight away, I don't have a stapler... so hubby heads off to find the regular stapler, no sign of it... so I ended up using the staple gun!! After a couple of mis-fires (one into is hand!), shooting it into a pizza box and bending over the prongs was the way to go!

I finished with a couple of minutes to spare (you have thirty minutes to do the LO), and then couldn't get the scanner to work - we bought a HP Photosmart scanner/printer/copier today, so it's still all new to us - the photo in the LO was our test print of how the photos would turn out... Hubby said "you're gonna cost me a fortune in paper and ink now!"

I did a LO from the scraptherapy October pack, but need to take a photo to upload it, it's too big for the scanner :(... I'll fiddle with it later.

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