Tuesday 30 October 2007

daily stuff

This is the gorgeous pink cake my girlfriend made for the brunch last week - it wasn't the first one, apparently the cat sat on that one - but it was yummy, even though it fell apart while being cut!!
So, over at SM I'm taking part in my first ever circle journal. The whole process has been pretty exciting (for a sad old sack like me with no life lol!)... I've doodled my journalling all over the place, picked a book with black pages, and really don't have a clue what I'm doing!! My theme is "girl in the mirror", so it's a crap photo, but I think when it returns to me in almost a years time, I'll do another LO, see where things are by then!! The next one has the theme of "the little things", so this is the photo I'm going to use!

This is our cat, Amy. We picked her up from the animal haven about three months ago, cause she has some unusual colourings, and we just fell in love with her! It has been very hard teaching the big kids, especially DS, not to harass her or tease the dogs with her (cause like all cats, she lashes out with claws, and there is bound to be a bub on the receiving end one day!) Unfortunately, Amy has been missing for three days! We've registered her with council and the RSPCA, and tomorrow I'm going to do a letterbox drop, cause we're all missing her!

Last one for the day (bub is awake and cranky!!)... Hubby is fixing his compuetr at the moment (hated Vista, so tried to load XP, and the whole thing crashed, it's taken over a week, so far!), so bub is seeing him playing with it lots lately, and took the opportunity to play with it yesterday. She's a busy bee!

Must dash, time for a feed!

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