Wednesday 31 October 2007


I've been pondering this for a few days, after reading comments on other blogs, so now I ask you - why do you blog? It's become a really popular thing with scrappers, and I've read somewhere that some people see it as a bit of an ego thing for those scrappers. Do you?

The whole blog phenomenon started as a way of keeping in touch with family, etc, in a really busy world - I've had several blogs in various places that eventually get to the point of not being updates and therefore falling by the wayside (my family is REALLY slack about reading and keeping up to date with things!)

It seems that these days, we don't really keep in touch with people through visual contact IYKWIM? No one sends letters anymore (and I'm just as bad!), and these days, 9 times out of ten its a telemarketer calling when the phone rings once every couple of weeks (although its been ringing off the hook the last week or so, with people wanting to give us quotes for new house stuff!)

And when you read those blogs, what is it that you look for that makes you come back? For me, I like reading about people's lives and what is happening. I haven't really got in to surfing random blogs and reading them yet (spend too much time chatting to people on forums), but I know that this gets random hits at times, and I wonder why? Yeah, I go and check out what the girls are scrapping at the moment, and what is happening in their lives, and I share my photos of the kids and life in general, but I don't label my posts, so how do you find them?

My visitor stats show visitors from Spain, France, Canada as well as Australia, and I'm curious... I want to know who you are, so I can checkout what you write (although I don't speak a second language, so might have some difficulty, lol!), and maybe add you to my ever growing list!

Do you read to waste time? Do you read to find out about other lives/cultures/people? Is it just cause??

Anyway, enough rambling - plenty of food for thought here tonight!!

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