Monday 12 September 2016

Hello Monday

hello school holidays just spitting distance away at the end of this week, marking the last holidays of the school year, and the countdown to the end of another year.

hello wedding anniversary on Thursday. Steve's working. Again. I'll reflect in a blog post, and Steve will carry on like normal. Maybe one year we'll actually get to go on that cruise we've been promising each other for years that we'll do.

hello Christmas Friday marks 100 days to Christmas (meaning today is 104 days to Christmas.) I've got lots of ideas written in my notebook, but I'm not sure I can pull them off. We'll see.

hello sunshine well, spring has finished in Queensland with a rainy weekend, and we're moving back into the stupid-heat of summer. With that comes bugs, heat exhaustion, and no summer clothes to wear.

hello job uncertainty you might have heard on facebook that Steve's workplace has gone into administration. That just means a bunch of accountants stop you doing business while they look at the books and see if you can make any money doing business. The downside is that in the process, being the transport industry, you lose contracts, making the business untenable to the accountants, so they close it down. They're currently in the "losing contracts" stage of the process, and we're hanging on for dear life again, just weeks away from Christmas.

hello Monday, a new start every week

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  1. Oh gosh, what a Monday of uncertainty. The work situation with so many businesses can ge dire. Even the so-called big ones. I hope so much that things change for the better and that there is some security coming your way. Sigh. As for the weather, cant do much about that but it sounds like you are really looking forward to the school hols for some respite. Thank you for joining up for the first week of my new link up "life this week." Denyse

  2. I'm in denial about Christmas - I truly don't want to know about it!

  3. It is totally nuts that it's almost fourth term and we're on the slippery slide to christmas! Best wishes for Steve's work, not good x

  4. How could it only be 100 days till Christmas? I feel like it was just New Year's! Fingers crossed on the work front.

  5. Hope there is some positive news on the job front soon, what a worry. I love this photo of you all - every face showing a different emotion!

  6. Oh that's horrible uncertainty when companies go into administration :( Fingers crossed for as little uncertainty as is possible in that situation.

  7. Your kids have the sweetest faces. My husband and I haven't had a proper job all year. I know the feeling but at least my kids are all grown up. Good luck.

  8. Love the facial expression top RH corner. Actually, they all look gorgeous! What a great photo. Sounds like difficult times for you Cate. Hope it all works out for the best. 100 days until Christmas? Pfft. I'm in my usual state of denial. Talk to me a couple of weeks out when the panic sets in. Until then, I can't hear you ;-)


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