Sunday 11 September 2016

Today you are 7

Dear Riley

Today, you are seven

You are happiest playing with Lego, or dinosaurs

You tolerate sharing a bedroom with Nat, learning her messy habits

You love watching movies with Douglas, and have discovered a love of all things Pokemon through him

You enjoy reading books to Sophie, and playing quietly with her

{but you're notorious for pinching the swing from her when her back is turned}

You share a love of Transformers with your best friend, and can't wait until you're big enough for a sleepover

You still have a lisp from missing front teeth, and love having a go at sports

You're always full of hugs (especially when you're in trouble)

You love school, and gardening, and helping dad around the house.

You always try your hardest, no matter what you do

You are so very loved.

Happy Birthday Riley!

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