Friday 11 January 2008

some photos for you....

Okay, so I've had this Facebook profile for awhile now, and I couldn't figure out what the big deal was - aside from people constantly sending me links to try "stuff" (at last count I had over 100 invites to join "stuff"), it really is a "nothing" sort of place to spend time........ until this week. Out of the blue, I get this message saying "hey, remember me?"... It was my best friend from primary school - who moved away when we were in grade two at Horsham Primary!! OMG!!

So, these photos are for you, to see how grown up I am now!

My wedding - September 15, 2006... told you they were the most decent photos of me that exist.... there's a bad one coming up ~lol~ Chloe was 8 and Douglas was 4.

This is this year's Santa photos with all three kids - I was really happy with how their photos turned out, even with Natalie's dirty knees!!

Family portrait - we had these taken in August, so Nat was almost 5mths old... I was supposed to use them for Christmas cards (hence the "merry christmas" across the bottom), but I'm such a slack arse, I didn't send any cards this year ~roflmao~

And this is just me taking photos of myself with the camera (the best of a bad bunch, imo) - I regularly have to remind myself that I'm 34 in March, some days I feel soo much older!! (try hard not to notice the chins, seems that problem runs in the family!!)

So, that's where I'm at...

I haven't done any scrapping today - although I am keeping up with my life journal... it's lots of writing at the moment, but I'm on the hunt for interesting things to write about now.

James and Michael arrived yesterday, so we're a full, full house at the moment (even with Chloe at her dad's this weekend - teenage boys eat lots of bread!!) It's nice for Douglas having them around, he seems to be wearing himself out on a daily basis and crashing in less than two minutes each night!!

Today we headed in to the Qld Museum... kinda hard to know if James enjoyed it, but Michael seemed to be interested, and Chloe and Douglas always love going in there - usually only takes a couple of hours to get around, but we head in a couple of times a year, just to keep the kids amused for a while!

There's a couple of cybercrops on this weekend, so I'm hoping to get stuff finished - although I'll be pushing it, cause we're going away for a sleepover on Sunday night, so I gotta finish tomorrow... the sketch challenges at scraptherapy have me intrigued, and the star challenge at LSBS looks interesting to... I have to get some cards made tomorrow, so I'm leaning towards the sketches, though!!

Okay, well, that's me for now... I'm going to be doing some stash cleaning soon, so keep your eyes peeled for a RAK... and have a great weekend.

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