Monday 14 January 2008

a LO... and some photos

Here is my LO for challenge two at LSBS' cybercrop on the weekend. STAR - sparkly, two photos, altered, ribbon... sparkly jewels and kindy glitz in the title; I forgot two photos, but managed to fake it; chipboard is painted, and wrapped in ribbon... remind me to do something easier next time!!

This is James - Douglas' brother - he's 15, and heading to boarding school in a couple of weeks, there's no high school for yr 11 & 12 where he lives.

Michael - he's thirteen, and in old photos looks very much like Douglas, but has grown up so much in two years, and looks a lot like his mum!

We went to a first birthday party yesterday - that's where all the funny hats come from. I love this photo of Nat, she was so happy, and didn't mind wearing the hat at all. The birthday boy pulled his off in about two seconds!!

Chloe came home from her dad's yesterday - so she wasn't in the best of moods for most of the day. She kept trying to run from the photos, too!!

Douglas, however, was quite happy to have the funny hat on!! But if you wanted food at the party, you had a choice of egg sandwiches, or egg sandwiches... some pies were passed around, but they were less than a mouthful!!

Even Steve got in on the funny hat wearing - what choice did he have?

The birthday boy, Jacob - he's the son of Steve's nephew, Ben. He's not quite two months older than Nat, but the difference between them is amazing!

And another just cause photo - dad and daughter - Nat well and truly knows when mum's got the camera out!!

So, that's where we're at... tomorrow, we head t Dreamworld for the day - we asked the boys where they wanted to go, and that's what they picked... I've been, years ago, before it officially opened... Chloe has been a couple of times with her dad, but it's a first time for everyone else. Good thing I got that 2gb card for Christmas, I can see a large number of photos happening!! I'll try and post some of the good ones before the end of the week.

Happy scrapping!

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