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Friday, 18 January 2008


The entrance

An icon - I remember this store from my first visit - 25 years ago!!

We saw the tigers by chance, and these are awesome photos!

One of the 6 big thrill rides - so many lines, only three were finished!

The claw - why would you?

And there it goes, up in the air...

More tigers - just lazing about....

The big drop...

Remote control trucks (and cars, and boats)... DH managed to back the truck up and hitch the trailer - and I would have expected nothing less from him!!

Douglas hung on for grim life, and wouldn't make it go up in the air. I think Nick Central rocks!!

But was quite happy to go up with dad in the back!!

A beautiful photo...

The swinger zinger - getting a good photo of the boys wasn't easy, it moves so fast...

Waiting in line - this is just for the Avis vintage cars, the line was bigger everywhere else!

More tigers...

Dodgems with dad...

The Runaway Reptar Rollercoaster.. Chloe was nagging all day to go on this (she was a know-it-all yesterday, cause she's been there before), so we convinced the boys to go on it with her... The look on her face said it all when she got off - it wasn't the ride she thought it was ~lol~

The rain on the drive home - it drizzled for about five minutes heading down the coast, but bucketed down, starting just as we got back in to the car!

That was out day... We've decided to go again later in the year, when there are no school holidays, and hopefully not many lines!!

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