Monday 21 January 2008

I'm peaing!!

I've been registered at 2peas for awhile now, but just started hanging out in the forums... I have a whole two posts to my name ~lol~ but there's thins thing where someone gives a blogging prompt every day, so I get to check out some cool blogs (and eventually, I'll remember to link some of them back to me, so I can keep reading them!!)

So, today's prompt is "how are you going with your New Years Resolutions?"

My scrappy resolutions are going great, except for the making of cards!

I'm keeping up with my life journal, I have averaged two LO's a week, when my goal was one, I joined a monthly card swap, where I have to make five cards, so the card a week will be taken care of. I have yet to start the xmas album for mums group my wedding album, or birthday invites, but there's still lots of time left this year!! (Although, it's not that long until Nat's birthday!)

Personal resolutions are going slowly - I wanted to walk more (which will really happen when the kids start back at school), organise my kitchen (which I'm leaving for "back to school") spend more time with hubby (occasionally turning the computer off will help that!) and read more books and magazines (turn the computer off will again help!)

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