Monday 4 February 2008

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share your earliest memories from when you started to scrap...

The very first page I ever did was a CM page.... round all the corners of the photos, (I think I had five photos, so placed one in each corner, and the fifth one I cut into a circle in the middle), then write some journaling, and sneeze stickers all over it - being the CM demo party thingo, there wasn't much of anything! It hasn't been unpacked yet, and being CM doesn't fit into my albums, but I still have it!

The next time I scrapped was a couple of years later - and it's lots of sizzix alphabet, you know, the shadow one?! I'm over that alpha atm, but I'm sure I'll use it again! One of my early pages uses the fabric from the dress my daughter was wearing in the photo, something that the others I was scrapping with thought was a bit odd, but I'll do it again, because I quite like the look (although, rather than suggest I stick the material to cardstock to get a panel of it on the page, they sold me a canvas panel - that's right, I was at a LSS crop!!)

I really started to scrap regularly about 8 months ago - and I can see the progression in my work in that time. I've decided that I prefer simple LO's, and I love bright colours and patterned paper the most (check the LO "in these arms...", it's one of my favs at the moment!)... I'm thinking about doing a mini album for myself that is completely purple, just to see how it would look ~lol~



  1. I think you should do a mini album that focuses on YOU. Find a purple album or make you a chipboard album covered in purple paper. Include pages on all the things you love right now in your life. Would be really cool to look back on a few years from now.

  2. Fun blog you have happening here, followed your link from 2 peas. Looks like we are in the same regional area.

    Good luck with all the things you are doing with your crafting and bloging.


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