Sunday 17 February 2008

any advice?

How do I teach my kids to behave, without the stress I am currently experiencing?

They are at the point now of physically choking each other, then swearing that they don't do it, even when fingerprints are visible on the other's neck!! Unfortunately, in this instance it was Douglas with the fingerprints, and Chloe swearing it wasn't her, but when I was asking him, Douglas was trying not to laugh as he told me he never did it. This has been going on all weekend - they are behaving right now for the first time since Thursday, because they have been grounded for the whole week, and told it will extend another week if they play up.

It shouldn't get to this. They should be listening to what we say without the threats, without the yelling, and certainly without the punishments!! I'm at a loss of what to do, and I hate the parent I am becoming because of it! Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated - and plenty of cyberhugs, too!!

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  1. I don't really have any advice, but I can feel your pain. We are going through that too. Most of the time my boys are best friends, but right now the oldest is going through a phase that nothing is his fault, we're all on each other's side and againist him. He doesn't get it that with all the lying (and it's usually over stupid stuff like did you brush your teeth, did you push your brother...well that's not so stupid etc.) that it's harder to trust him over Phillip who does tell the truth. Then he gets angry and he and takes it out on his older sister and younger brother. Overall Josey is a very sweet and kind boy who makes straight A's and never gets in trouble at school. Then there is Phillip who gets in trouble sometimes for talking but is having trouble with bullies at school. MOstly just teasing, but when he's had it he's had it. He hasn't hit anyone yet, but he did get a note home the other day because he kicked the mess out of the wall. Feel free to email me and we can vent together. Maybe between the 2 of us we can figure it out. Samantha


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