Thursday 10 April 2008

how do you create?

I was thinking earlier about the different ways we create... and was wondering how you do it? I tend to get an idea, and start with a piece of cardstock and a photo... then I hunt for the paper I want to use, and trim it down to size (whatever random number is in my head today!), and stick it down.... that's right, I'm a "stick as I go" type scrapper! I have tried other ways of scrapping, but just can't seem to get the hang of moving stuff around on cardstock before sticking it down!!

Just randomly, can anyone link me to a blog from a few weeks (or maybe longer) where the challenge was to use a plastic bag and texture paste to create something in an art journal - the blogger made a tree - and while I mentally know how to do it, I'd like to check it out again, but haven't got a clue where?! TIA

Happy scrapping!


  1. I create with the idea of something in my head and then I add stuff that I think will look good (at least to me) I don´t follow rules anymore I just go to what feels good to me. And I would love to see that challenge too.

  2. It depends whether I'm working with particular products for a Design Team project . . . if it's the later, I usually start with the photos and the journaling and then find the papers, cardstock & embellishments to go with my idea.

    Sorry - I can't help you with your blog search . . . I haven't come across that idea!


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