Saturday 28 June 2008

crop and shop....

Well, we made it to our pyjama party last night!! That's me in the middle, Amanda on the left, and Stacey on the right...

We had heaps of fun, even with the annoying ladies there... there always has to be one who's annoying, right? Well, this time, there was two!! There was a pregnant lady who had something to say about everything, and it was all related to when she was pregnant, and there's a lady who works in the shop who was trying too hard to push people into buying things... "no, for the third time, I don't want your help matching anything to my pages, I don't match anything to my pages, my pages look nothing like yours, and I don't ever want them to look like yours, cause they're mine!!" Her heart was in the right place, but she was trying too hard.

I planned and prepared page kits during the day - 6 LOs, and 3 OTP was what I packed... and I ended up doing 3 LOs, which was great! I've got embellishing on two, and journalling on one to finish, and then it's more to add to my album... although I didn't get my 20 LOs for my "use your stash" challenge, cause I bought more stash last night (who can resist 30% off storewide?!) I bought flowers, and the fiskars scissors, and doodlebug velvet brads, and some cardstock, and BG archaic bits and pieces... and I won the lucky door prize!! It was full of kaisercraft goodies, an album, rubons, paper, rhinestones and ribbon to match. YUMMO!!

And you can't have a pyjama party without warm feet... Amanda had toe socks so she could wear her thongs, I have bed socks and wore my fake crocs, and Stacey spent the night wishing she had worn socks instead of her ugg boots, cause her feet were hot!!

DH had fun at home with Cody and Natalie - they were into EVERYTHING!! They deleted the history from my web browser, emptied the toy box onto the floor, smeared biscuits onto everything they touched, pulled magazines onto the floor, and then crashed out about ten pm... if only Nat had decided she was tired enough for a sleep in this morning!!

All in all, it was a good, fun night, something we plan to do as regularly as we can! Cropping with friends is way more fun than cropping alone!!

Enjoy your Saturday. TTFN

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