Tuesday 29 July 2008

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What's your favourite reading material? The kind of favourite you would take with you if you had to be cut off from the world for years and years...

Just about the only thing I manage to read these days is my selection of monthly magazines - most of which are scrapping magazines! {I wish blogger would add some smilies} I also get notebook: magazine, australian table, australian good taste, super food ideas {they turn ten this year, and I have every issue!!}... and there's always time in bed to read the latest bookclub book {listed down the side}, although this month I'm having trouble finding the book.


  1. I've heard really good things about the Aussy scrapping magazines. I keep meaning to find somewhere that will ship them to the UK. I will add it to the "to do" list! (again! LOL).


  2. When I read your post I had to laugh! I'm addicted to any type of magazines-

  3. Oh yeah mags are good! I don't get any now but can't wait til the kids grow a bit so I can get them again! They were piling up unread. :(

  4. Eek - I am a reader of mystery & suspense (4 novels this week), and my monthly magazine subscription addiction are ridiculous (Readers Digest, Scrabooks Etc, Creating Keepsakes, Guideposts, Wondertime, Parents,Family Fun Parenting, Cookie, Bon Appetit, and more -- it realy is silly, but several are free or gifts.) I love leafing through catalogs, too.


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