Sunday 3 August 2008

200 posts and a couple of new tricks...

200 posts!! I haven't been at this blogging thing for 1 year yet (that's coming up in three weeks), so I'll save the useless statistics until then!!

Here's my new tricks - I'm slowly (very slowly!) figuring out how to use PSE6 - at last! I've only had it for about six months... took a TAFE course over the last couple of weeks to learn the basics (and it was VERY basic!), and I sit here every other night, playing with it! Yesterday I purchased some Ali Edwards overlays and brushes from Designer Digitals, and started playing with them... the forum at Designer Digitals is very helpful, I learned how to convert the overlay to white - after asking how to make the silly thing cover the photo in the first place!!

And here's my other trick... creating a layer, converting it to black and white, then erasing a portion to show the colour underneath... don't think I could do that one without reading the instructions again, but it's a pretty cool effect! {Jessica Sprague's "Photoshop Fridays"}

Haven't managed any scrapping this weekend - seems that our box of old photos has been packed away (DH thought he had put them aside for me, but they're not in the safe place he thought they were... makes us even more determined to get our house sorted out before we end up with extra people living with us!)

Headed to the local show with the kids this morning... the top photo of Chloe is on the ferris wheel with me... the only rides I ever go on are ferris wheels and flume rides - anything else just messes with my head (I am the ultimate spewer!!), but Chloe has never been on a ferris wheel before, so was very scared while we waited {funny how the fears of the parent are passed on to the child, no matter how hard you try to shield them from it!}... by the time the ride was over, she was ready to go around again!! (couldn't convince DH or Douglas to have a go!) We cut it short at lunchtime, Nat had had enough, and really wanted to head home for some sleep - our girl is a homebody who isn't happy anywhere else ATM!

Hope you got all the things done you wanted to get done this weekend!



  1. Great links for photoshop...also the computer tricks book from Creating keepsakes is awesome to learn photoshop...oh and you tube...great vids there... Love what you have done it looks fantastic.

  2. That is fantastic Cate! I am such a computer gumby. I can't do any tricks at all. I especially love the coloured hat on the black and white. Such a cool effect.


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