Tuesday 26 August 2008

everything old is new again...

Okay, I have seriously, seriously dented my scrapping budget for the next hundred years (well, a slight exaggeration, but you get the idea) by indulging my passion for thickers, so I need to partake in a "use your stash" challenge - and I have no choice, I'm not allowed to shop for four weeks (except cardstock, cause I know I don't have much of that left) My goal is twenty LOs in four weeks, and if I create them all and have time left, I'll just keep creating (I've got a couple of mini albums I have to do, but that will be a separate tally)

So, if you think you're strong enough to resist the temptation, I'd love someone else to join me on this journey!

Happy scrapping!


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  2. I'd love to join you but I don't think I could do it...

    I'm planning on sending this week a bunch of pics online to get them developed so I can make a mini of my Summer Vacation.

    Besides I'm starting a class at Shimmelle.com on Sep 1st.

    I hope I can get any closer to your goal, you go go girl!!

  3. I can try and make the layouts with you but as for no shopping for stash..........HELL NO!!!!!!! Your on your own with that one! (nothing like a bf to support you in your conquests)


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