Tuesday 26 August 2008

making curtains!!

Sewing curtains! Me, who hasn't sewn anything since high school almost twenty years ago. Me, who bought a sewing machine three months ago to cash in on the "sewing on your layouts" craze that has overtaken the scrapbooking world. Sewing curtains.

See that pile on the right, that's two drops for Douglas' room, Natalie's room (below) is two windows with two drops on each window, Chloe's room has enormous windows, and it's the other two piles (cause, of course, the gorgeous material that I chose for her doesn't have any backing on it!)

They're only really basic rod pocket curtains, four lots of stitching, no curtain tape or anything fancy, just material hanging over a pole - but they look great, cause I made them!!

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  1. Love that material Cate.

    We have three canvases in Madelins room and one of them has that material over it.

    I will take a photo tomorrow and post it on my blog just for you! hehe

    Have fun...



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