Friday 31 July 2015

Technology tips for #pbevent

With just 13 sleeps until I head off to ProBlogger, it's time to start thinking about the technology I'll be taking with me. As bloggers, we live an online life, with our post writing, social media interaction, and research, and while it would be nice to think that we'll all be disconnecting while we're away, the chances of that happening are pretty slim in reality. So taking some technology is necessary, as is making sure it's in working order.

Here are five tips I've gleaned from reading and facebook group discussions
  1. Don't forget your chargers! With so many rechargeable gadgets these days, make sure you've got all the chargers for all your gadgets. My iPhone has a lightning plug, but my iPad is older, and has the 30 pin plug, so I need to pack two leads. And my camera is rechargeable, too. If your camera takes batteries, change them before you leave home, or pack a spare in your bag.
  2. Bring a power board for your room. Two people in a room, two lots of gadgets, chances are there won't be enough power points available. A powerboard will alleviate the stress of who's gadget will go un-charged for the day.
  3. Extra internet is a good idea. During our recent internet outage, I was astounded how much can actually be used in a day! There is a wi-fi provided at the venue, but I've never had any luck with free wi-fi being anything but unstable, so I'll be packing our Vodafone pocket modem. Between that and my phone data and my iPad data, I should have plenty of data for the four days I'm away.
  4. Don't bring your laptop. Now I'm in two minds about sharing this one, but I'll outline my reasons, and you can decide for yourself. 1) I think it will be hard to plan to write. I actually do my best writing first thing in the morning, but I think the days will be so jam-packed that I'll be using that time to escape outside for a walk. 2) With so many other gadgets, is a laptop really necessary? I've got an iPad, and my iPhone (although I hate blogging from my phone, the screen is so small!), I can easily browse pinterest in bed from my iPad (it's what I do most nights anyway.) Toni, on the other hand, will be leaving her iPad behind, so she is taking her laptop.
  5. Pack it all away securely when you leave your room. Chances are, you'll be at least carrying your phone and camera, but even though the venue is a five star resort, I strongly urge you to pack your technology away when you leave the room for any reason.
Have you got any tips to add to the list?
You can download a free packing list on this post.


  1. Great tips Cate. I must get myself a spare camera battery in the next few days. I'm Not taking my laptop either. It's too big and heavy and with the schedule and the fact that my brain will be fried from all that learning and talking, I don't see myself writing anyway.

  2. I have to leave the ipad at home or the toddler will go nuts for 4 days without it.... although that might be an interesting experiment while she's home alone with daddy haha

  3. Great tips. I found that I didn't have time to write anything on the laptop beyond replying to emails, but I did find the laptop better for this than the ipad of phone. I prefer typing on the laptop to the ipad, so I will likely leave the ipad and bring the laptop and phone, and use a notepad fpr taking notes.

  4. Great tips - thank you. I think I will leave the laptop behind and use the iPad. I also hope that I will spend a lot of time face to face with people, uninterrupted by tech. Great point about the power board.

  5. I always make sure I have a spare memory card for my camera and a spare battery too. You sound very well prepared.

  6. Great tips! We usually have very good luck with the hotel free wi-fi when we travel. I usually carry my laptop, although I don't always use it. (But I don't have an iPad, just my phone.) We pack our stuff away when we leave the room, too.

  7. Like Toni above, I don't think I can take the iPad away from my 6 year old, at least not for my husband's sake who will be looking after all of them. Great tips, thanks! I might just have to bring a paperback and while away any spare moments with that!!

  8. Extra chargers is something I try to always make sure to do! No lap top is a great tip. You just need to go and enjoy every second. You will have plenty to write about when you get back!

  9. I agree with not bringing a laptop - it's heavy to lug around! What I did was buy a bluetooth keyboard for my tablet. Much easier to carry, and if I needed to write, I could.


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