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Monday, 27 July 2015

Hello Monday

hello, dentist. Again. Last week, I spent about ten minutes with the dentist in the morning, and twenty minutes in the afternoon. My teeth are a mess. I need five extractions, and five fillings. I can't get it done all at once, because we can't afford the hospital fees, so it's a slow process of a bit at a time. Today, I'm having the worst two teeth pulled out (the ones that were causing me pain.) Now that it isn't unknown, I'm not as scared (but I am a little bit worried), and tomorrow I'm told I will feel ten times better than today.

hello, ProBlogger. The end is in sight, it's only 17 sleeps until we go. Toni and I have a clothes shopping date for this Friday, and then it's time to get serious about packing and lists, and making sure they have food at home.

hello bedroom floor. To try and figure out what clothes I actually need, Steve and I spent some time yesterday picking up everything off the floor in our room. It's been a while. I now have more than twenty pairs of socks, too many tops that I need to sort again, and one pair of jeans that fits. And I haven't been through Sophie's drawers yet. But the floor is clean.

hello, slow week. I'm expecting to need a bit of recovery time this week, so I don't have much planned. And if all else fails, my mum is arriving on Thursday for a weekend visit, she can always step in while Steve is working if needed.

hello, Monday. A brand new start every week.

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  1. Hello there! I am going to ProBlogger too and am starting to stress out a bit about it. This will be my first time and I have not yet worked out what I am wearing, what I need to buy, what I need to pack, what preparations I should be doing. Though I am looking forward to it (with a bit of anxiety thrown in) it is getting a little too close too quickly for me!! ;-)

  2. That doesn't sound such a welcome start to the week, but hopefully it will feel good to be out of pain very soon and hoping the Problogger adventure will help take your mind off it a bit. Onwards and upwards :).

  3. Sucks about the dentist thing. My husband is going through rounds of root canal work at the moment. Not fun. At least you have Problogger to look forward to! I think I need to do that floor clean up myself!

  4. Hope all goes well with your teeth extractions - and smart girl for not planning too much else for the week! As for Problogger, my FOMO is starting to kick in already ;-)

  5. I'm back at the dentist again myself this week. It is never ending. Although my teeth and gums are much better than they were.

  6. I look forward to meeting you at Problogger Cate! I need to great cracking on what I'm going to wear too. Unfortunately being stylish is not my strongpoint... ;)

  7. Glad you're feeling better after the dentist visit. It would be a relief to get it out the way. If I was going to PB I'd be getting excited at the moment. enjoy the clothes shopping!

  8. Hope the mouth's feeling lots better! Xx

  9. Hello! I hope everything goes ok with your teeth. I do anything I can to avoid the dentist. Ah Problogger, I haven't done anything to organise yet I hear about so many people shopping for clothes....ahh!

  10. I hate the dentist but you are making me feel guilty for not going!!
    Have a great time at problogger!!

  11. Hope you had a great week & that the teeth work went smoothly! It was busy around here, but I'm enjoying a relaxing weekend in my craft room now!


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