Tuesday 21 July 2015

Facebook Official

Dear Chloe

so it's official

(well, facebook official at least)

You've got a boyfriend

I have to say, my heart leapt into my mouth

I was both excited and worried for you

Excited, because I remember those little butterflies

But worried, too

It's a big step, my girl

To give your heart to someone

Hearts are so fragile, they break

I worry about your heart

Oh, I know you have strong foundations

and Granma has looked after you for the last four years

but I'm mum, I worry.

Enjoy it, dear girl

Enjoy the talking, the laughs, the fun, the growing

Enjoy the journey.

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  1. I'm terrified but excited for my daughters first boyfriend. Not counting the one she has in her prep class right now.

  2. Oh lord that would be quite nerve wracking! #TeamIBOT

  3. Oh lord that would be quite nerve wracking! #TeamIBOT

  4. Oh my gosh. How exciting and scary all at the same time.

  5. I'm so glad facebook didn't exist when I was a teenager lol. Although having said that making my current relationship facebook official still felt like a big deal at 26 haha.

  6. Oh wow, that's a big milestone! I still remember my first love very fondly. Aaaah, the good old days....

  7. I'm dreading the day Miss 13 1/2 gets her first boyfriend! She has obsessive stalker written all over her ☺️ I hope all goes well for your girl xx

  8. thanks mum x (we've actually been dating for almost a month but had just not put it up on Facebook yet)


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