Thursday 21 August 2008

OMG!! 100 blogs...

I'm loving the look of the new gadgets from Blogger - when they work!! Now if only they would introduce some smilies, I'd be set ~lol~

So, today I added a blog roll - I like the idea of being able to see which blogs have been posted since I last looked at them... there's a few blogs I had in my various lists that don't have RSS feeds, so I'll link them again separately (that's another thing, I combined all the lists, just thought it looked neater!) There is ONE HUNDRED blogs in the roll!! One hundred blogs that I look at, learn from, laugh with, find inspiration from, get challenged by, visit regularly, and sometimes forget about... but most days are incomplete without a wander through cyberspace and the wonders of the blogosphere!! Thanks for blogging!

{please leave me a link to your blog if it isn't already there...}

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