Sunday 9 November 2008

RIP Sassy

We had to have her put down yesterday... turns out that a lump she'd had on her belly for a couple of years was a herniation of the stomach muscles (which they couldn't have done anything about two years ago, except recommend leaving it until she was in pain, or spending $5000-$6000 on an operation that might not work) I watched her being born (her mum is Molly, the other dog in the second photo), and now she is buried in the back yard... telling the kids was hard - mister morbid wanted to see her, miss drama queen cried and kept saying "I can't believe this happened"... I've been cranky and sad all weekend, and everyone has been on the receiving end of my crankiness - think I have some sucking up to do to make amends.


  1. {{hugs}} To you all. RIP little Sassy, I hope there is a courtyard wall for you to play on in doggie heaven. Please say hi to Ausin for me when you get there. :-(


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