Monday 3 November 2008

think we got it sorted.....

It's painful not to have your own desk, and computer, and stuff, when you want to do "stuff"... I've been without my computer for 24 hours now.... yep, not much in the scheme of things, but when your bum has worn a groove in the chair (and it's such a BIG groove), and you nearly spend every waking moment sitting in that chair (cause it's comfortable for feeding the baby, and comfortable for putting your feet up, and comfortable for watching television), then not having chair is pretty significant!!

Anyway, today was a quiet day, had Cody here for the day, which is always an adventure, cause just when you think you've got everything out of the way and unclimbable, he finds something else to pull off the desk or climb!! Maybe tomorrow I can pretend to play with some scrapping stuff!

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