Sunday 7 December 2008

time for a cuppa and a chat....

{and some caramel mudcake that was left behind}

so, it's been INSANE at our house for the last two days... two days of sheer lunacy, people shouting at each other, threatening to leave, yelling around the kids {sorry}, and even, we think, bro manhandled one of them {not on!}

two and a half hours of party, it started raining, sow e had to close the doors, making it even hotter, and then it's all over before dessert and I have a MOUNTAIN of cheesecake, brownies, sausages and salad leftover

Santa was a big hit (except for two bubbas who cried), and while the big kids knew who it was, I think they were even more excited that they were getting anything!

Natalie was too tired to even open this up, but I'm sure she'll get lots of use out of blocks for her collection... and people, too!!

We did all this cleaning yesterday in 34 degree C heat (93 degree F), and boy did they deserve the icy pole by then!

And we finally got the tree up... of course, because it's downstairs, and bro's kids aren't the neatest (and nor is HE!), and likely to touch everything... and cause we were having the party today, we decided to put it up on the table... but it didn't fit! There's only half a tree (the top bit is missing), but I think it's pretty cool, and will fiddle around this week and sort a star out for the top of it... the colours are a bit hard to see, it's actually pink and silver, not purple (purple was last year)...

so, I haven't managed any cybercrop scrapping this weekend, and I'm behind with my Christmas journal, haven't even looked at DYL (I was keeping up with the reading, printing everything out, sticking it in a book, then I discovered you could print out the video transcript, and download the slides, too!)

hubby's off around the countryside again this week, so I might be back with more scrappiness as the week passes... I have some projects that I have to get finished first, two friends have had their bubbas in the last two days, and I've got calendars to make!

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