Monday 28 September 2009

~~ 17 days old ~~

  • you have reflux, courtesy of dad
  • mum can't burp you, but dad can always settle you (so can nanny)
  • you sleep best at night, snuggled up in bed with mum and dad
  • today you've had 2x3hr sleeps, the best day sleeps since last Thursday
  • you love your b@@b time, and would suck all day if I let you!
  • I have yet to get a good print of your hands and feet, but this is the week for it!
  • both your eyes are inturned, but the right one doesn't seem to straighten up.
  • Natalie loves her "chiley", and wants to kiss and hold you whenever you're awake
  • yesterday I changed 3 nappies that WEREN'T poo-splosions, today only 2
  • Chloe and Douglas love you to bits, too.
  • so do mum and dad!

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