Friday 1 January 2010

one little word 2010

Yep, it's time to come up with a word that I would like to use to guide me through 2010. Last year, my word was CREATE, and little did I know how prophetic my idea was ~lol~

This year's word is CHANGE. It struck me as we were driving home from visiting my SIL after lunch today (this post will auto-post on NYDay, I'm writing it on 28/12)... I've been talking with Steve for a few weeks about the things I would like to change in our lives, from changing Riley from disposable nappies to modern cloth nappies, to eating at least one vegetarian meal each week and increasing vegetables the rest of the week, to changing the way we interact with and spend time with our children. (and getting back into the groove of scrapping again!) Now is the perfect time to actually shake off the apathy and make our intentions work for us!

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